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Activity Based Working

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Activity Based Working
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Activity based working (ABW) is a design approach focused on optimizing corporate productivity through constant, fruitful employee interaction. From the premise that people work best when in the ideal environment, ABW design forges working areas and layouts that differ according to activity, removing a rigid concept of workstations in favor of flexibility and technology. The individual and collective spaces allow for collective and private work, ensuring an optimal organization of activities and the consequent business productivity gains. Furnishing solutions are clearly vital in such projects. For the last decade, the Estel Group has been investing prodigiously in R&D, monitoring what leading international companies are doing to further ABW boundaries, and exploring internal and development dynamics. The result is Smart Office, a product range with solutions ideally suited to this new work paradigm that embraces the concept of providing the right space for group interaction or intense private work. The ergonomic furniture and layouts not only reinforce such interpersonal relations, but also facilitate the use of office equipment and technology. Smart Office is divided into five parts: personal workstation, common area, coffice, comfort & relax and acoustic partition. Each has functional solutions for designing office space for differing activities, in which sharing and concentration, breaks and hard work go hand-in-hand. All products favor multi-functionality and connectivity, with power and internet access factored into the design of desks, meeting tables, drawer units, armchairs, coffee tables and even partitions. The flexibility of space usage is reflected in the flexibility of the furniture. For example, the desk heights are adjustable so one can stand or sit while working, the coffice zones provide a place for a break without going offline, the availability of meeting space is managed through an app, and the electric armchairs even provide the option to charge a smartphone or tablet.


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