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A4 Holding Headquarters

Evolving Offices

Juan Carlos Bellido | Laia Bernà Gironès

A4 Holding Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Estel Group has participated in the project

A short distance from the Verona Sud highway offramp lies the Torre Serenissima business complex, which is home to A4 Holding, a company in the Albertis Group. Rising 12 floors, the north-west façade has
full-height glazing to optimize natural light in the offices.

The complex was initially built in the ’90s, but it has recently been renovated by architects Juan Carlos Bellido and Laia Bernà Gironès, who were given a specific brief to improve the space layout, boost energy efficiency and drive the company, architecturally, towards a paperless, open workflow.

Drawing heavily on the fundamentals of smart working in which even the physical workspace should drive dynamic, diversified approaches, the interiors were reorganized, especially through the addition of meetings areas and breakout spaces to complement the more traditional desks. The overhaul was not limited simply to the operational sections, but also extended to the executive offices, foregrounding an approach that favored interpreting the company’s needs and expectations through the creation of a workspace that really stimulates productivity. Estel has already worked successfully with the company on other sites, and once again it played a key role in this revamping, providing the partition walls in all sections of the building, and furniture for the managerial and operational spaces, and the common areas.

The Italian Smart Office range was used throughout the project, from the reception and the breakout/cafeteria area, across the seven floors of operational space and up to the executive floor. The planning for the meeting areas is particularly interesting as, in addition to traditional meeting rooms, a series of sound-proofed phone boxes where installed to offer privacy even in open spaces, allowing staff to make calls without disturbing the people working around them. The extensive range, quality and design of Estel’s products were fundamental in opening up multiple solutions for the project designers, allowing them to precisely organize spaces according to the client’s brief and thus help drive the next stage of the company’s development.


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