A to Z of Aluminum Steel and Glass Works
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A to Z of Aluminum Steel and Glass Works

A to Z of Aluminum Steel and Glass Works
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Based in the northern Italian region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Simeon specializes in the creation of aluminum façades and steel and glass constructions. The process for this, from concept to after-sales service, is long and complex - encompassing design, manufacture and installation, along with planning the timings and costs - so the firm helps customers every step of the way. The company can trace its origins to a small carpentry firm founded in 1969 in Aiello del Friuli, in the province of Udine, but these days it can produce 50,000 sq. m of façades and 7,000 tons of structures annually. Over the years, the company gained extensive experience in building envelopes, a step that proved crucial in being able to provide a complete project service. Today, Simeon Structure and Facade Systems has a global footprint providing tailor-made technical solutions in numerous countries. It can even provide full-scale prototypes of products and a comprehensive range of tests to certify work, thanks to its internal SIM.LAB. Structurally, the group has three operational centers across the northeast of Italy. The original Aiello del Friuli plant is still there, but now it is supported by plants in Fagagna, which is in the same province, and in Noventa di Piave, close to Venice, combining for a total of 75,000 sq. m in manufacturing capacity.

Currently, for example, Simeon is involved in the creation of the Air France VIP lounge at Terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris. This project is an excellent example of the integration of differing construction technologies, with a
load-bearing metalwork structure, glazed façades and a zinc-titanium curved roof. The final piece in this complex project is the oval cut cylindrical façade - the most distinctive element in the design. This engineering challenge was made especially demanding because of the rigid certification requirements imposed by French law. The same issue was at the heart of Iconic’s design by Daniel Libeskind in the center of Nice. This is a new multi-modal transport hub in the city connecting the Nice Thiers train station to the Jean Médecin tram stop. Here, the architecture is definite, but organic and multi-form - clearly the work of Libeskind. This project is also in the process of being built and Simeon has undertaken both metal carpentry and façade work, adopting an integrated 3D approach.

Requiring the use of BIM software, this methodology was also absolutely critical for the development of a new manufacturing line designed by Studio Valle for Fantoni, a company in Osoppo in the Udine province. Using this digital platform is central to Simeon blending architectural requirements with structural metalwork, reinforced concrete bracing and dividing walls.

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