A swimming pool in a spatial continuum
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A swimming pool in a spatial continuum

Mikou Studio

A swimming pool in a spatial continuum
By Mikou Studio -
Salwa and Selma Mikou from Mikoustudio Paris has designed the Fort swimming pool near Paris in a spirit of fluidity and openness. The development of the spaces gives priority to transparency and the depth of field associated with very good use of daylight. All the facades are open and accessible, and the various elements of the programme are organised in the form of light, coloured, rounded bubbles, floating on the project’s spatial continuum. The program includes a 25m swimming pool, a pool for leisure, a wellness center with hammam and sauna, a fitness center with musculation room, squash courts, changing rooms, cafeteria, interior solariums and outdoor solarium on the roof. Salwa and Selma’s design scheme emphasizes the roof as a determinant element of the swimming pool providing a solarium that is accessible via an indoor-outdoor ramp that runs along the swimming pools hall and provides access to the fifth facade. We designed the building’s envelope to attenuate the linear effect of the massing and to introduce a variation in the visual perception according to the viewing angle. All the external walls are faced with undulating golden wooden slats that recall the circular movements on the surface of water and make reference to the circulation of energy and flows: the Feng Shui.
Programme: Swimming pool, health club, solarium, squash courts, sauna, hammam Architecte: Mikou Studio Client: City of Issy-les- Moulineaux / SPL Seine Ouest Aménagement Surface: 4 000 m2 floor area Cost: 14.5 M € ex VAT Location: Issy-les-Moulineaux, France Date: Competition 2012, Completion 2015 Feng Shui specialist: Laurence Dujardin Structure: Intégrale 4 Mechanicals: Choulet Economy: Sletec HQE: Transfaire Photography: © Hélène Binet
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