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A Line of Light

Una linea di luce
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Recent years have seen the progressive assertion of LED lighting. This is bound to accelerate following the ban of halogen bulbs by the European Union last September. Beside their energy saving properties, LED lighting offers many other advantages, such as color and luminosity management to create the perfect aesthetic for each particular context. Lights can have different temperatures, be white or colored, static or dynamic. Taking advantage of this diversity, Ilti Luce offers a vast range of luminaires and light control accessories. Ilti Luce’s product range includes linear LED systems for functional yet highly decorative lighting using different size RGB and RGBW luminaires. Small profiles and cables allow maximum flexibility of installation and use. Lighting direction and angles can be adjusted to requirement: ground level, direct and indirect. As well as outdoors, this special flexible LED strip has a protection index (PI) of 68 and so it can also be placed underwater in swimming pools, fountains and any other circumstance where the lights will come into contact with water. The linear systems have transparent or opaque screens or resin protection, the evenly distributed light creating elegant relaxing atmospheres. The LED light strip becomes an integral part of the architecture to which it is applied. Slender and easily concealed, the light string can be used in innumerable situations: retail outlets, museums, and showcases, where they blend seamlessly with the exhibition. Linear light strip length can also be adjusted to requirement to provide a made-to-measure solution for all environments. As well as its standard control systems and accessories, Ilti Luce has now released a lighting control app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or Bluetooth connection. Another intuitive control device, the app allows time-controlled switch-on and switch-off as well as a series of lighting programs to meet a full range of requirements.



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