A dismountable, movable, and rebuildable wooden school
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A dismountable, movable, and rebuildable wooden school

Djuric Tardio architectes

A dismountable, movable, and rebuildable wooden school

Djuric Tardio Architects designs a modular wooden school that can be dismantled, moved, and rebuilt. This building was the result of research and development carried out by the firm in response to a Parisian government plan to establish a network of 48 preschools around the city. The school’s site is in the sixth arrondissement, where it will operate for two years. In response to the municipality’s changing needs, it will then be relocated to the thirteenth arrondissement. The area set aside for the French senate’s project is in the Jardin du Luxembourg, near Rue Guynemer. Given the exceptional nature of this location, the architects needed to find a design that not only harmonized with its setting but that could also be removed without leaving a trace. This led to a high-performance, green architectural model, designed to be completely reversible thanks to the flexibility and workability of the main building material – namely, wood. The new school can, in fact, not only be dismantled and moved to another site but has also been designed to be entirely reconfigurable for other needs, such as offices or emergency accommodation. Based on maneuverable, self-supporting modules, the dismountable construction system was developed from a design idea by architect and designer Jean Prouvé. The structural elements are manufactured offsite and then assembled onsite, using techniques borrowed from the Japanese tradition. Internal partitions and services are also modular. This design will have zero impact on the roots of the trees that line the avenue where the project by Djuric Tardio Architects will stand. The use of micropile foundations will make it possible to restore the site to its original state when the portable wooden structure moves on to its next location in two years.

Project management
Djuric Tardio Architectes
Clara Hernande and Pauline Mariez
Henri Delion and Léa Morel (construction)
Competition: 2017
Construction time: 5 months
Delivery: August 2019
Paris, France
Photography by © Clément Guillaume courtesy of Djuric Tardio Architectes

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