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A Boundless Home

Villa on the Lake

Matteo Brighenti

A Boundless Home
By Editorial Staff -
Finstral has participated in the project

Transparency is the true strength of this villa on Lake Garda, in Torri del Benaco. Architect Matteo Brighenti, working closely with Finstral, has created a home with an elegant and contemporary taste, taking advantage of the large windows to maximize the amount of light and really make the most of the striking panoramic views. Designed to dematerialize the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, the multi-level villa offers multiple views of the landscape through the use of three horizontal orders of glazing. 
The effect of openness is maximized by the use of a modular system of mullions and transoms for the FIN-Vista windows walls with retractable Cristal opening sashes. The glass pane of the fixtures completely covers the aluminum sash profiles, making them almost invisible and giving viewers the illusion of being in a seamless space, catapulting them from the inside of the house directly into their surroundings. The enameled edges of the glass add a touch of character, while the choice of aluminum – with square profiles that convey a sense of refined elegance without compromising insulation performance – matches the essential style of the home, combining esthetics and functionality. 
The aim was not only to visually connect the house to its surroundings, but also to physically connect the interior to the outdoor pool and terrace on the first and second floors respectively, so large FIN-Slide lift & slide doors were chosen, reinforcing the sense of no boundaries between one space and the next. 
The result is that each window and door fixture in the project becomes a design element, influencing the perception of space. In addition, they guarantee a high level of insulation, and thermal and acoustic performance, protecting the living spaces from cold, rain and wind thanks to a PVC core. The versatility of Finstral products means they play a central role in the design, making it possible to maintain direct visual contact with the lake, allowing its changes to reflect directly into the villa. 

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