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360 Cassette
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Samsung Electronics has participated in the project

Samsung’s HVAC line has numerous products and solutions for the home and office. It includes compact, light products for almost any environment, combining design quality with efficient performance, energy savings, installation flexibility, excellent thermal comfort, rapid heating and cooling, and ultra-silent functioning. 360 Cassette is one such option. This circular unit is bladeless, allowing 360° airflow to ensure optimal air conditioning in which dead zones are minimized. Traditional units have four blades to direct airflow, but such a solution can cause differences in temperature across a room of 2.3° C. 360 Cassette has only a 0.6° difference, meaning more uniform temperature leading to a more comfortable, livable environment. Since there are no blades, three small booster fans are used to create an area of low pressure near the air outlet to control air outflow direction. Exploiting the Coanda effect, the air flows uniformly across an area, cutting drafts and increasing comfort. The simple, intuitive remote control has a control button and jog shuttle to easily adjust airflow, while a LED provides a fun graphic depiction of air direction. Up to four internal units can be combined to provide uniform temperature control across large spaces. The Virus Doctor device can be installed on 360 Cassette to improve air quality. By generating active hydrogen atoms and oxygen ions it purifies the air, reducing airborne bacteria and allergens. The 360 Cassette unit can be installed flush in the ceiling or suspended, with a square or circular panel. The crisp design makes this unit suitable for any environment, regardless of formality.


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