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Pellini has participated in the project

The 17Arlozorov skyscraper in Tel Aviv is an apartment block rising 29 floors in the northern part of the city, near the marina and port. This soaring building has become a vertical marker in the local urban area. The project, by Moshe Zur Architects and Town Planners, merges transparency, comfort and privacy, while entwining dynamic connections to the surrounding city. The tower itself is divided into two asymmetrical sections: the volume to the west has a dynamic, zigzag silhouette, while the one to the east is perfectly linear, with right angles. In the center, a third glazed volume rises, a dividing and linking element that houses the lobby and panoramic lifts. Here, glass is used to help offset the mass of the building and create a sense of lightness and elegance. The apartments and lofts have full-height glazing so every resident can enjoy expansive views of the city below and the nearby sea. With so much glazing, privacy and shading were obviously key issues, so the designers opted for Pellini’s ScreenLine® systems, with Venetian blinds that can be up to 1,300 x 4,000 mm. The ScreenLine® shading systems are blinds encapsulated within an insulating glass unit, in a space that is perfectly sealed and provides protection from dirt, dust and the elements. These characteristics make maintenance unnecessary, without altering the insulating properties of the glass. Roughly 4,000 shading units were installed, each with their own internal brushless motor that is silent and extremely reliable over time. It can also be integrated within BMS/home automation systems for blind control, with accurate position feedback and sun tracking features ensuring interior comfort and excellent energy efficiency. The extensive glazing also creates connections to the exterior, where green areas and pathways are used to integrate the skyscraper into this urban environment.

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