11 Hoyt Residential Skyscraper
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11 Hoyt Residential Skyscraper

A Crisp, Dynamic Façade

Studio Gang

By Editorial Staff -
Pichler projects has participated in the project

The new 11 Hoyt residential skyscraper, designed by Studio Gang, soars 189 m into the Brooklyn skyline with a façade that seems to ripple like the water in the nearby harbor. The 57-floor tower provides a range of living units, from studio flats to four-bedroom apartments, coupled with a host of services, including a fitness center, a swimming pool, a spa and a playroom. The 32nd floor is home to Sky Club, an ideal place for dining with a view, while the building also boasts an extensive private park, with dedicated areas for working out and games, designed by Hollander Design. For the condos, Michaelis Boyd Associates designed luxury indoor spaces with two distinct finishings, Heritage and Classic. Large windows flood the interiors with natural light and frame the breathtaking urban views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
The façade of the building, developed and created by Pichler Projects - from South Tyrol region, Italy - has a series of bay windows that convey a dynamic, yet crisp look. Architecturally, the design brief was to make the aluminum profiles invisible on the façade, but also provide operable and fixed windows that look exactly the same to enhance the overall crisp aesthetics. To meet this double demand, Pichler Projects came up with a customized solution, starting from the profiles that are normally used for curtain walls, and sealing the glass directly on the frame, avoiding the more common glazing-bead solution. The 120 mm-thick profile meant it was possible to mill around the operable window and insert the frame of the actual window so it is flush with the perimeter of the surface which opens. The building has double height rises on the 2nd, 29th and 52nd floors to cater for the pedestrian entrance, amenities and the utilities spaces, respectively. The windows here are higher than average and, to comply with dead load requirements, they are thicker. The doors and windows were engineered and produced at the company’s Bozen plant. The mounting of the windows needed to factor in the construction tolerances of the prefab blocks and ensure easy on-site assembly. For this, Pichler devised a specific system to allow the fastenings to be adjusted in three directions (high/low, inside/outside, left/right). 
11 Hoyt is a sculpted yet fluid building, with scalloped units that migrate across the façade like the cusps of a wave in sections pushed by the wind. Nature thus takes the architectural center stage in this new New Yorker concept, created using Italian technology.

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