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Wall Garden by Optigreen

Wall Garden by Optigreen
Scritto da Redazione The Plan -
The core unit of the Optigreen “Wall Garden” system solution is a high-grade, substrate-filled aluminium cassette system (Optigreen Facade element) that can be delivered filled and, upon request, ready-planted. The horizontal suspension rails must be bolted onto the substructure before the prepared Facade element can be attached to them.
The following characteristics distinguish the Optigreen “Wall Garden”:
> High flexibility in top surface colour and fill of the aluminium Facade element: in natural aluminium as standard, lava-brown or in all RAL colours. As an example the fill can be pumice stone (white), lava (brown), tuff (beige-brown) or brick chippings (red). All of these amount to a wide range of different design options.
> Visually attractive appearance even without greening (as at the start or in the dormant period). The Facade element is encased in an aluminium frame to create an attractive “Wall Garden” appearance.
> In addition to the standard size of Facade elements there are also custom-made designs to accommodate specific structural circumstances.
> Appreciation in value of property.
> Extremely weather-proof against UV radiation, frost and wind influences.
> Non-flammable.
> The substructure to hold the Facade element is to be mounted by the Facade fitter. > Simple fitting of Facade element and quick assembly.
> A substrate culture with many advantages: improved frost-resistance of plants, increased water retention and moisture buffering.
> Planted Facade elements in precultures are possible, but not absolutely essential, therefore higher flexibility.
> Larger diversity of species of proven plants. These can be planted before delivery (on request in accordance with a planting plan).
> The Facade elements, the plants and the drip irrigation in the Facade can be removed and replaced independently of each other.
> The irrigation system can be replaced from the side if fitted in empty conduits. > Suitable for internal and external greening.
> Also suitable as a partition element, screen and garden border.

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