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Vakant LED by Regiolux

Vakant LED by Regiolux
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The vakant LED by Regiolux, equipped with an external driver unit, generates the highest homogeneity in terms of colour coordinate in the luminous perceived colours of warm (827), neutral (835) and daylight white (850). It therefore covers all of the areas of application: While the version with warm white lamp distributes a pleasant atmosphere in restaurants, hotels and wellness areas, the variants with neutral light and daylight are designed for offices, shops and conference and meeting rooms, where they can also simulate skylights for example.
In natural anodised, sectional aluminium, the lamp is functional yet high quality. It meets the protection class III 24V SELV and is easily, rapidly and securely connected with the gesisMini plug system. With this system, the intelligent small units can be perfectly connected to each other in corners and curves and shapes can be accurately reproduced. At the same time, continuous rows of up to 14 metres with a total connection power of 240 W can be realised, which only require one driver unit. The simple clip system is suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting and for coves less than 20°, which distribute light even further into the room. Regiolux also offers a host of modifications for the vakant LED, for example other light colours, lighting technology and lengths.
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