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Soufflé by Modular

Soufflé by Modular
Scritto da Redazione The Plan -
The poly down model shines light directly downwards, while the poly up/down version creates a nice soft upwards and downwards light beam.
The interior of the dimmable lamp is white structure and there is a choice of glossy white or glossy black for the exterior finish. The fixture can be either suspended or surface mounted.
Soufflé looks particularly attractive against the ceiling, and can also be suspended. An ideal feature above the dining table or the cooking range, in the lobby of a hotel or restaurant, or at the store checkout. With its amorphous shape reminiscent of a ring-shaped cake, Soufflé bears the signature Modular look. It allows the lamp to shine from the depths as it were, creating a unique ambience and giving the Soufflé a mystical character. Its high level of coziness promises to make Soufflé a hit.
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