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Sidelite FerroMurano di RZB

Sidelite FerroMurano di RZB
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Ha partecipato al progetto RZB
The collaboration between Ferro master glass blower Guido Ferro and RZB luminaire designer Helmut Heinrich, which combines the exquisite craft of Venetian glass blowing with RZB’s exacting design and technology standards, has yielded a marriage of glass and light that can justifiably be termed epochal and that is manifested by RZB’s Sidelite FerroMurano luminaire.
The core element of the Sidelite FerroMurano is a thin Murano-glass disk, which thanks to lateral light injection via RZB Sidelite technology, provides exceptionally homogenous, powerful and soft light. More than seven centuries of Ferro-inspired skill, praxis and passion make each hand-blown glass disk a compellingly lovely one of a kind element.
The entirety of this “floating” circle is infused with light, such that the playful filigree of the Murano glass is brought to life in a fascinating manner by the Sidelite FerroMurano’s sleek aluminium housing. It took tremendous design acumen, manufacturing know-how honed over centuries, and pioneering LED technology to create this kind of uniform light distribution and luminance.
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