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»be yourself.« by Alape

»be yourself.« by Alape
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The modular washplace furniture divides the bathroom into functional units with free-standing or wall-bound modules. These modules open up the bathroom to adjacent living areas or provide the opportunity for full integration. Sophisticated technical solutions are an integral part of the furniture, making installation quick and simple. A multitude of individual arrangement options has been opened up through the addition of different basin and furniture modules as well as the choice of different surfaces.
The trend is towards larger rooms and open-space living. With the new »be yourself.« product line Alape takes a step back from the wall and opens up the additional space to new furnishing ideas. The washplaces may be used as free-standing modules or they can be connected to the wall at right angles. »be yourself.« is both an invitation and challenge to form your surroundings to suit your style. By leaving behind the classic bathroom concept, the consciousness of "I" takes center stage. The bathroom opens up into other living areas, and the act of washing derives greater meaning.
»be yourself.« is evident in purist-style washplace modules and is simultaneously convincing as a holistically well-designed unit. The combination of different basins, furniture units and surfaces makes every washplace unique. The »be yourself.« range includes two undermount basins and a sit-on basin that are integrated into counter tops made of wood or natural stone. The counter tops serve simultaneously as continuous washplace storage shelves. The colour shading of the furniture surfaces ranges from dark, such as American oak to limed rosewood and the light-coloured classic oak. Moreover, adjoining the washplace, Alape offers a bath tub enclosure in matching furniture surfaces, and supplies the matching tub too. Integrated into the front section of the tub module are back-lit compartments that provide additional storage room for bath towels, bathroom utensils or decorative items. Due to the use of glazed steel, which is characteristic for Alape, both basin and tub are very accurate in their dimensions so that they integrate seamlessly into the clearly geometric design of the washplace.
The »be yourself.« range of washplace modules is optimal for small and large areas. The basin modules are available in 1000 x 525 mm in size. They can be combined with furniture modules in the sizes of 500 x 525 mm and 1000 x 525 mm. This lets you create tailored combinations of a total width from 1000 to 2500 mm. The bath tub module is available in 2000 x 1000 mm. The dimensions of the undermount tub are 1800 x 700 mm.
The claim to purism and aesthetic is apparent in every detail of the »be yourself.« range. For example, furniture modules with internal drawers are fitted with power points. When installing undermount basins, the natural stone bench tops are machined in an elaborate process to 12 mm thickness around the cut-out section and the basins are carefully inserted.
As with the undermount basins, the bath tubs are also perfectly fitted in a way that directs our focus to their internal shape. All installations are already pre-assembled in the factory. Careful design ensures that no condensation is able to form and damage the furniture. As with other product series, the Alape »be yourself.« modules feature innovative mirror arrangements with LED lights. The choice of mirrors includes a tilt mirror directly integrated into the furniture or a hanging mirror fixed to the ceiling. The tilt mirror is available in 400 x 1000 mm. The ceiling mirrors include sizes of 400 x 1000 mm and 1000 x 800 mm. The smaller mirror features an LED light that can be positioned on the left or right, the larger mirror has a light on both sides. The mirror surface is optimally illuminated thanks to the vertical, slightly protruding arrangement.
»be yourself.« provides smart washplace designs and opens up new perspectives. The new Alape products will win you over in terms of shape, design and choice of materials and blend into high-class living environments. »be yourself.« was designed by Alape’s design partner sieger design, Germany.

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