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Qbiss One by Trimo Group
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long-term building solution. Without any doubt Qbiss One is one of the smoothest and flattest façade envelopes in its class. Qbiss One is distinguished by the unique and patented rounded corner of the element, which eliminates the need to cut, weld, or fold the panel so often areas of weakness and failure on traditional facade panels. Engineered to the most exacting standards using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Qbiss One delivers the very best in quality and a system-approach as a solution to the demands of the modern building envelope. Qbiss One is available in flat or curved options for even greater flexibility and with either recessed or flush joints, or a combination of the two. The Qbiss One panel can also be installed in a variety of different orientations including vertical, horizontal, stacked or off-set for a ‘brick-like’ effect. Combinations of these are also possible for the widest design possibilities and allowing constructions that are truly individual. Safety, perhaps the most important function for a building, is achieved through Qbiss One’s class A1 non-combustible core, which means it does not emit toxic smoke, so often the most common cause of death, and not fire itself. In fact Qbiss One has a fire resistance class of up to EI 120. Thermal performance, important for the in-use economics of a building, is also an impressive feature of Qbiss One at 0.17 W/m2k for a 240mm thickness. Whole-life costs are also factored in with 98% of its materials recyclable and with a CO2 footprint of just 44kg/m2 (LCA) for its lifetime. Qbiss One it is not just the perfect blend of form and function, it is kind to the environment too. Qbiss One with ArtMe Red Dot 2010 award winning product ArtMe is the unique, high-tech façade surface treatment that allows literally unlimited shapes, patterns and visual effects to be inscribed for dramatic, individual and expressive results on façade envelope. From simple logos to great waves of designs, which can include pictures and patterns, can all be placed on the surface for stunning visual impact. ArtMe brings a building to life and Qbiss One is the perfect design and sustainable canvas on to which the imagination can run free. Non-penetrating or damaging, ArtMe does not impact on the life and durability of the façade and ensures maximum visual effect at minimal cost and highest façade quality. www.qbiss.eu.
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