Photovoltaic module BRP6330064-230 by Brandoni Solare
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Photovoltaic module BRP6330064-230 by Brandoni Solare

Photovoltaic module BRP6330064-230 by Brandoni Solare
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The photovoltaic module BRP6330064-230, produced by Brandoni Solare, has a nominal power of 230Wp and it contains 60 cells 3 bus bar in silicon multicrystalline of Q-cells SE, a German company world leader in the production of cells.
These cells are able to guarantee a good productivity of the module even with low solar radiations. The module BRP6330064-230 is a laminated glass EVA and Backsheet equipped with a Junction Box Tyco Solarlok Connector System; with 3 Bypass diodes; solar cables of 2 x 1m of 4.0mm2 with a protection degree of IP67.
The system voltage up to 1000 V allows you to install modules in large systems connected to the network. The module installation is easy and fast, thanks to the aluminium structure and the connectors. The glass of 4 mm semisand, guarantees high permeability to light, protecting cells from all weather conditions: like hail, snow and ice and more important, it avoids the module reflects light.
Brandoni Solare guarantees that all the raw materials selected for the production of the solar modules have been carefully chosen after many tests.
All materials used have a well-defined traceability and a provenience warrantee that allows Brandoni Solare to assure the power of its modules for the first 5 years at 95%, 10 years at 90% and 25 years at 80%.
The employment of resistant materials and the various checks during the producing process guarantee high performances and good levels of efficiency over time.
The company, authenticated according to the standards of European norms, adopts a strict selection and control of the production process and the employed raw materials in order to obtain a good outcome in terms of power of the modules.
Brandoni Solare already certified ISO9001:2008 has successfully passed the Manufacturing Inspection of Tuv Intercert obtaining the certification ISO14001:2004.
Recently with the Emas environmental statement Brandoni Solare showed its sensibility concerning environmental problems.
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