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Matteo Thun Edition Design Sauna di Klafs

Matteo Thun Edition Design Sauna di Klafs
Scritto da Redazione The Plan -
Ha partecipato al progetto Klafs
Lots of wood, lots of glass and lots of privacy characterise the generously presented sauna booths by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.
The front and the anterior side walls are made from glass from floor to ceiling and open up the sauna, which is flooded with the light that pours through.
Special attention was paid to the lighting design: the light sources are indirect, integrated into the edges of the invitingly large seating steps – hidden from the observer. The distinctive exterior of the sauna stands out with its unique interplay of wooden rails and joints. This makes it almost impossible to see inside from the outside. There is a choice of hemlock, oak or walnut wood.
The invisibility of technology is a key principle of Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, which is why the sauna heater is positioned discreetly beneath the bench. Nothing disturbs the view, the bather is submerged in light and warmth, thus allowing the feeling of relaxation to unfold especially well. Creating heaven on earth was the vision of the steam bath.
The result is a real pleasure in pure white – the colour of innocence. The front, made from matt glass, captivates the eye with a symphony of large, opaline panes and slender viewing panels.
The rear side walls are designed with a waterproof quartz agglomerate and continue the graphic design of the glass front. Here, too, the light concept is heavenly, as the lights are embedded into the ceiling. This gives the feeling of sun rays flooding into the space. This greatest possible transparency opens up the bather’s heart: “We wanted to create spaces of complete refuge.
Two cocoons that are shielded from the outer world and yet reveal the view to the outside – a feeling of security like that in the womb. Our designs were intended to be simple, with clear lines and cubistic volume. Familiar memories.
Once the door is closed behind you, absolute calm envelopes you. No disturbing elements and no visible technology can distract from the relaxation,” says Matteo Thun. Creation to him means designing a soul.
Design meets manufacture in this special edition. On the one hand the vision of the designer Matteo Thun, on the other hand the world’s market leader KLAFS, with its unique specialist knowledge of sauna and spa.
The result is two wellness worlds with a stylish language: Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez and KLAFS, brothers in spirit, join hands in this special edition.
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