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LED-in by AEC

LED-in by AEC
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In 2007, AEC set in motion an ambitious research and development project to explore and develop the chances of using LED technology in public lighting. This research has lead to the development of “Comfort Light Optic”, a high efficiency optical system able to take advantage of the enormous potential of this new technology. Versatility, safety and photometric efficiency are just some of the parameters that enhance all AEC ranges: an imperative guarantee of “Made in Italy”.

AEC LED-in opens a new outdoor perspective by promoting the excellence of design and superior performance. The new street luminaire with LED technology comes out from careful research that enhances energy efficiency, CO2 emission reduction, cutting maintenance costs and ensuring a longer life: a commitment to be environmentally conscious. The device, available with 36, 54, 72, 90 and 108 LED and mountable on pole or in post-top version, is equipped with "Comfort Optic Light". The optical and electrical efficiency featuring these devices compared to traditional systems allows substantial energy savings during the whole operational life of the installation. It provides, in the short term, the amortization of initial investments and in the medium term, an effective saving. As a result of pioneering research on forms and light perception, AEC introduces a new light style underpinned by the latest LED technology.


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