Hi.jack spotlights by Hoffmeister
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Hi.jack spotlights by Hoffmeister

Hi.jack spotlights by Hoffmeister
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With an asymmetric wallwasher, a symmetrical room floodlight and a rotationally symmetrical accent spotlight the hi.jack range offers three options for bright background light, uniform illumination of objects and highlighting with precise accent light. Depending on the specific requirements, the floodlights can be equipped with halogen lamps or metal halide lamps and built-in electronic control gear. The accent spotlights can also be operated with metal halide lamps and integrated ECGs or with low-voltage halogen lamps and electronic transformers.
There are two versions of the hi.jack spotlight for accent lighting – Spot-Medium and Medium-Flood for greater versatility. These two light fittings have an innovative easy-to-use focusing mechanism that is standard on all new Hoffmeister spotlight series.
For the illumination of vertical surfaces the asymmetric hi.jack wallwasher allows more conceptual freedom. Thanks to a per­fect optical system even larger vertical surfaces can be ligthed, resp. staged with a homegenous result. Walls, partitioning walls or shelves in museums, conference centres or shopping malls get a lively, dynamic impression of space which results from the lighting, wheras objects of art or merchandize products are highly emphasized.
Other benefits of hi.jack include a scale ring and an angle scale for accurate alignment of the two optical axes. The light fittings can be swiveled and tilted through 360° and 90° respectively.
A honeycomb louver, prismatic glass and various protective and color filters that can be easily fitted to the accent spotlight using the adapter ring add to the possible applications.
The elegant die-cast aluminum housing of the new hi.jack family from Hoffmeister is available in white, silver or black and will blend unobtrusively with any interior design.

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