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EVERYis1 di Interstuhl

EVERYis1 di Interstuhl
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EVERYis1 fits perfectly into new office environments. Always and everywhere, whether as a task chair or cantilever. At Interstuhl, we believe that good design and high comfort should be available everywhere and for everyone.
EVERYis1 embodies this. It is a simple office chair for everyone, for everything, everywhere and forever. Therefore, it is perfect for the office of the future, in which workplaces become increasingly mobile, adaptable, modular and informal.
EVERYis1 represents a new simplicity of sitting - affordable and innovative. Thus, it is a real Interstuhl chair in terms of design, ergonomics, quality and environmental aspects. It offers as standard, an automatic weight adjustment, a synchronous mechanism and high-quality materials. In short, EVERYis1 stands for excellent seating comfort without any compromise. The entry into the world of Interstuhl.
EVERYis1 offers seating comfort traditionally only found in the high end of the industry. As all Interstuhl chairs, EVERYis1’form, functionality and ergonomic features contribute to excellent seating comfort. EVERYis1 is extremely adaptable because it is equipped with an Autolift- Synchronous mechanism with automatic weight adjustment. The mechanism creates an outstanding feeling from the moment you sit on it. When you lean backwards, the entire seat pad rises. Consequently, the user slides backwards, contributing to an ideal seating posture. The mechanism can be adjusted in three seating angels. In combination with the comfortable padded seat and the mesh backrest, it guarantees excellent seating comfort. The black or white backrest, with its clear line, is covered with a light and breathable mesh that contributes to excellent ergonomics features. As an option, the comfort of EVERYis1 can be enhanced by a height adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, seat inclination, and 2D or 4D armrests.


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