Diamonds by Molto Luce
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Diamonds by Molto Luce

Diamonds by Molto Luce
Scritto da Redazione The Plan -
It´s not just the game with light and shadow, which makes Diamonds so attractive, but also the game with the luminaire itself. Each single Diamond is 180° pivotable. Just like turning the hand of a card game. Turn black into white, white into black. Discover the magical variations of each of your designs. Change as often as your heart desires. The richness of diamonds is changing to the richness in possibilities, the imagination turns to appearance. That´s more than ingenuity. It´s surprising ingenuity!
The Diamond series offers a full premium collection including floor- and table lamp as well as a wonderful suspension luminaire. The floor- and table-lamp are equipped with three-dimensional structure in curved metal, finishing powder coated in glossy black or glossy white. Shades in diameters of 350 mm and 480 mm are available. Shades with a diameter of 350 mm have 84 pieces of high glossed finished synthetic diamonds with 3D-optic in white or black, shades with a diameter of 480 mm have even 153 of these wonderful pieces. Diamonds are individually adjustable, 360° pivotable with 90° locking.
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