C 50 façade systems by Heroal
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C 50 façade systems by Heroal

C 50 façade systems by Heroal
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Heroal C 50 façade systems are used primarily in innovative and energy-efficient office architecture – as large or polygonal façades, roof areas, light roof pyramids and conservatories. The scope for creative freedom is large thanks to various alternative finishing and installation variants, with options for a vertical or vertical-bending transom-mullion design, and transom-transom or mullion-mullion façades. Subsequent transom installation is also possible. What's more, the interior and exterior aluminium surfaces can be coloured with a highly weather resistant hwr powder coating or by anodizing to suit individual requirements. Various cover and pressure profiles complete the range of systems. Thanks to continuous further development, heroal now offers a façade system in the C 50 PH that is certified for use in passive houses and thereby features excellent energy efficiency.
The best conditions for the planning and construction of attractive and sustainable façade concepts with high levels of energy efficiency and economy: the highly insulated heroal C 50 HI façade system fulfils the highest energy requirements. The elegant aesthetic of the entire system remains the same – despite the implementation of additional insulating elements. In addition, special details in the construction of the series ensure quick, reliable and economical assembly.

Heroal C 50 PH – the passive house certified façade system
If the heroal C 50 PH façade system is considered on the basis of energy measures, it is a consistent further development of the highly insulated heroal C 50 HI façade system. In order to fulfil the insulation values prescribed for a passive house, heroal makes use of innovative materials and a modular insulation zone in the heroal C 50 PH façade system. Research by the ift Rosenheim confirms that together with construction from glass and sandwich panels with a thickness of 48 mm, the C 50 PH façade achieves a value of 0.62 W/ m2 K. Thanks to this, the C 50 PH façade system is officially passive house certified by the ift Rosenheim.

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