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O Lofos, co-existing harmoniously with its surroundings

Block722 architects +

Villa  /  Completed
Block722 architects +

Τhe nature and the place -topos- is an ever-changing source of inspiration. The house is located on the top of a Hill, in Greek "o Lofos" between an imposing mountain and a valley with olive trees leading to the sea. It is a very special landscape, with three strong frames, the winter frame at the back with the steep mountain range, the spring frame in the middle with a large valley and the summer frame at the front with the water element. These were the inspiration for the design of the house. The major challenge for the studio was to incorporate 800 sqm of surfaces while having minimal impact on the natural landscape. That is why the design includes not one but many smaller volumes, maintaining the human scale, with open spaces always with an element of nature.

The landscape surrounding the architectural intervention is very strong and lively. Because of this we felt it was right to work with materials that would beautifully complement this natural and untouched environment without overly interfering with it. To build a house that would co-exist harmoniously with its surroundings. Most of the materials have been left in their natural state and in original colors giving a sub-textural and relaxed look. These natural and simple materials were carefully treated by various craftsmen, such as carpenters (woodworkers), stone workers, traditional weavers to achieve a unique result with exclusive elements inspired by Cretan tradition, such as bespoke furniture, woven cabinets, handmade bed headboards and solid marble structures.

"O Lofos" is the result of the collective effort of local manufacturers, craftsmen, workers, and specialized designers, with a unified commitment to using local, organic, and sustainable materials, to create a bioclimatic space. Thousands of plants were planted in the area that surrounds the house as well as in the terrace garden. Τhick walls and roof garden ensure the thermal insulation of the house. In addition, there is also use of utilizing heat for heating water in all functions. The project has been among the best of : 2022 by Archdaily, 2022 Album on Archilovers | The professional network for Architects and Designers, Top5 Houses by

The green, wild Cretan landscape and the richness and heritage of traditional crafts define "O Lofos". Sat on the northern foothills of Thrypti mountain, on the eastern side of Crete, the residence is located on a steep slope. The natural environment that combines views of the mountains, plains and the Mediterranean Sea, was vital for the design process. The architecture was driven by desire to create a modern house that is discreet and respectful to its surroundings. Negotiating the site’s angle through levels instead of steps was also critical in moulding a relaxing environment that embraces its setting. A path down a slope from the main road leads visitors to the residence’s entrance. The complex’s size is broken down into smaller volumes, which are interconnected through circulation routes and in-between spaces - some indoors and some open-air. The main home is divided into two low buildings linked by a semi-enclosed area with a water feature. The design merges natural materials that are often used in the local vernacular, such as wood and stone. At the same time, the atmosphere is distinctly contemporary, blending studio’s inherent Scandinavian sensibility and organic minimalism.

We wanted a house where we could relax with a view of the ocean and the wild Cretan landscape, have fun with friends preparing dinner inside or outside and enjoy our activities in privacy. "O Lofos" is the perfect place for our daily rituals in dialogue with the light and beauty of each season.


 Athens, Greece
 800 mq
 Sotiris Tsergas, Katja Margaritoglou, Francesca Balfoussia, Michael Gryllakis, Christina Kontou, Yannis Mantzaris, Sofia Badeka, Eva Dimoula, Danai Lazaridi, Aristea Topizopoulou
 Nani Kapsoritaki
 Landscape: Outside landscape architecture, Lighting Study: Skia Lighting Special wood constructions: Loupasakis s.a., Special marble Constructions: G. Houlakis Furniture marble Constructions: Delta marble, Special metal Constructions: Grammatikakis, Furniture construction: Maan made, Mirror construction: Onentropy
 Lighting: Celine Wright, Olivelab, Noguchi Lamps, Menu Doors, windows: Loupasakis s.a Marbles: Marmyk by G.Houlakis, Mosaics: G. Houlakis Floor wood: Mafi, Outdoor: Kourasanit, Sanitary ware: Cocoon, Frama, Unidrain, Design Collection Tab: Quadro Design (manufacturer), Bagno y Bagno (supplier), Cushions and daybed mattress: Nikos Haritos, Carpet: Nani marquina & Kusiner, Ceramics: Maru Meleniou, Vase: Antiqua, Glasses and cups: Frama, Furdeco, Serax, Head bed_weaving: Chrysa Georgiou, Fabrics: Libeco, Norrgavel, Mille et Claire, Studio Natural Curtains: EZ Design (manufacturer), Studio Natural (fabric), Pillows: Libeco, Mille et Claire Mattress: Media Strom by Tempur & Nikos Haritos Armchairs: Désirée (manufacturer), Darco (supplier) & Kruger, Chairs: Dedon (manufacturer), Avax (supplier) & Ethimo Mirror & Bench: Zanat Art_sculpture “Post-Landscape”: Pantelis Chandris; Super hard porcelain plaster; 2021-22
 Project: O Lofos Studio: Block722 Year: 2022 Location: Crete, Greece Photographer: Ana Santl


“To rise all senses through authentic and timeless experiences”
Block722 is an Athens-based architecture studio, founded by architect Sotiris Tsergas and interior designer Katja Margaritoglou. The team combines Greek and Scandinavian heritage, as well as interdisciplinary experience, and creates work that feels confident, natural, and timeless. The studio undertakes a variety of work, from residential to commercial and hospitality, managing in-house all stages of architectural development, from concept design, through to construction and delivery. Solutions always incorporate a focus on quality materials, a crafts-based approach and collaborations with local artisans and artists that interpret the Mediterranean spirit and traditions for the 21st century. An architectural ethos that places a sense of balance at its heart is among this boutique, dynamic practice’s guiding principles.


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