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Mr. Noman Villa, inspired by tropical design elements

MEMAR architecture company

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MEMAR architecture company

The concept aimed to bring the natural elements of the surrounding environment into the villa. The concept development involved a thorough analysis of the clients' requirements, site conditions, and architectural principles. The design team explored various tropical design elements, such as lush greenery, natural materials, and open spaces.The idea of incorporating a bio pool-style swimming pool emerged as a key element to enhance the natural feel and create nice experience.

Regarding the landscape, the project embraces the concept of being close to nature. The tropical style design elements, such as lush greenery, natural materials, and the bio pool-style swimming pool surrounded by sand, contribute to a harmonious relationship with the natural surroundings. The landscape of the project is not only designed to create a natural ambiance for the residents but also to cater to the well-being of their animals. The extensive green areas, lush vegetation, and the presence of a bio pool-style swimming pool with sand create a habitat that closely resembles nature. These elements provide a soothing and comfortable environment for the animals, allowing them to feel more connected to their natural instincts and surroundings

Energy efficiency is a key focus, with the design emphasizing natural lighting and ventilation to reduce reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning. Water conservation is also a priority, with water-efficient fixtures and fittings installed throughout the villa, along with eco-friendly filtration systems for the bio pool-style swimming pool. Passive design principles, such as proper orientation, shading devices, and insulation, have been maximized to optimize natural heating and cooling. By utilizing metal louvers, the project reduces the need for excessive artificial cooling and allows for natural ventilation, resulting in energy savings.As a natural stone, travertine is a renewable resource that is extracted from quarries in an environmentally conscious manner.

The design embraces a tropical style feel, aiming to create a close connection to nature. This is achieved through careful consideration of elements that make the residents feel immersed in a natural environment. The presence of a meticulously designed water feature, resembling a serene lake, adds a calming and tranquil ambiance to the surroundings. The ground floor of the villa is designed with an open concept, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Expansive windows and glass doors seamlessly connect the interior living spaces with outdoor patios, creating versatile areas for social gatherings and allowing residents to enjoy the fresh air and picturesque views. Another notable strength of the project is the choice of materials. The main material, travertine, adds a touch of timeless elegance and durability to the villa. Its natural beauty and thermal properties contribute to energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements. The incorporation of glass elements not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also maximizes natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. One of the key strengths of the project is the careful balance between maintaining full privacy for the residents while ensuring breathtaking views. A noteworthy feature is the design of the bedrooms. While ensuring utmost privacy, the bedrooms are positioned in a way that allows residents to enjoy the serene outdoor views.

The transformation of our villa has exceeded our expectations. The MEMAR team has created a haven of tranquility and elegance, seamlessly blending modern design with a close connection to nature. We are thrilled with the privacy maintained throughout the property, allowing us to enjoy breathtaking views while feeling completely at ease


 Emirati Arabi Uniti
 2521 mq
 Amr Al Akkad - Rania Almouakeh
 Amr Al Akkad - Rania Almouakeh
 MEMAR architecture


The MEMAR Architecture story began in 2008. It's a company that provides design & build services, including architecture and interior design, supervision of construction, project management, and implementation services, with experience in more than 250 achievements worldwide in commercial, governmental, hospitality, and residential projects with different styles and conditions. MEMAR is based in Dubai, UAE. However, the passion for understanding different types of cultures resulted in Memar providing architectural services all around the world in different styles and conditions and with superior quality. The MEMAR team strives to build a strong customer relationship based on trust, commitment, passion, respect, and integrity, with impressive client service throughout. Moreover, the design team is aware that designs should go beyond feel-good aesthetics as they affect the mental and physical well-being of the building occupants.


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