FIMA Architecture Design Engineering - Luxury Country Villa, reinterpreting the typical Marche region countryhouse
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Luxury Country Villa, reinterpreting the typical Marche region countryhouse

FIMA Architecture Design Engineering

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FIMA Architecture Design Engineering

The main idea is a contemporary reinterpretation of the typological and morphological characteristics of the typical Marche Region contryhouse: highlighting the contrasts between contemporary and country, between material and ideal, between functional and formal. The building is currently in an advanced abandonment state but all the elements that will be studied and revisited remain clearly visible; first of all the main element of the facade: the external staircase; but even the wooden roof, the wooden lintels of both doors and windows, the type of plaster, the wood doors, the brick and all the typical elements that characterize a farmhouse in central Italy

The building is partly embedded in the ground by burying part of the ground floor,
to reduce its impact on the landscape and make it an integral part of the hilly terrain.
The building therefore integrates with the surrounding space, developing partly above
ground and partly underground. The concept is to make the building an integral part
of the agricultural land in which it is located, trying to integrate completely with the slope.
Even the swimming pool is developed in such a way as to be an integral part of the land.

The project was carried out placing a strong emphasis on the issue of energy saving; in fact, the building is configured as a highly energy-efficient home designed according to the rating system of the Ithaca Protocol. The recovery of rainwater, the photovoltaic panels, the shielding of the openings to the south and the reduction of the openings to the north, an important natural fiber insulation of both the walls and the roof and a finely calibrated plant engineering make this villa zero CO2 emissions .

Among the rolling hills of the Marche region, the great view of the Adriatic Sea and the embrace of the typical vegetation of central Italy, FIMA develops a new project for a luxury country villa. The stairs becomes an internal element through a steel and glass closure which, by covering it, highlights it even more. It therefore becomes the key compositional element of the entire facade, maintaining the lines, the trend and its original function of connection. Another fundamental element of the composition is the wooden roof with symmetrical pitches covered in terracotta tiles, which will be maintained and revisited by eliminating the cornices and replacing them with a few centimeters "corten" flashing which acts as a shelter for the upper part of the bricks. Another element that is taken up again are the wooden lintels of both doors and windows; a strongly material element that clearly highlights the openings and goes well, highlighting them, with the new and light iron windows. Finally, the exposed masonry, contrary to what is thought, is not a completely characteristic element of the Marche country houses, as it was usually characterized by a sort of plaster glaze to protect the masonry itself from the elements; this dichotomy is taken up in the project by the clear difference between the masonry of the two long elevations, left in sight, and the masonry of the two short elevations characterized instead by a masonry with a veil of plaster.

The project was developed step by step with the customer who expressed his needs and we interpreted his every thought in order to make his home a unique architecture in the panorama of luxury country houses


 Porto Recanati (MC)
 500.00 mq
  2,500,000.00 €
 Arch. Maurizio Andreoli
 Arch. Lorenzo Di Stefano, Arch. Alessandro Marconi, Arch. Andrea Riapri, Ing. Marco Trozzi, Ing. Rita Coletta, Geom. Alessio Marino


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