Hui Xie - In Shenzhen Lakeside Villa, the space is infused with different artistic spirits
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In Shenzhen Lakeside Villa, the space is infused with different artistic spirits

Hui Xie

Villa  /  Completed
Hui Xie

This 6-story villa constructed by ACE DESIGN is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China, which is surrounded by lakes and dense forests. As one of the top 10 luxury villa areas in Shenzhen, it enables owners to take a journey to Shenzhen Bay and the South China Sea right from their front door. In addition, it embraces ultimate tranquility in all of its splendor in the bustling "city inside a city".

The designers face the following difficulties in transformation: how to turn the original 4-story villa into a 6-story one to meet residents’ functional demands. How to solve the problem of long, narrow spaces with only two sides of the building receiving light and airflow? How to change the single, boring dynamic line and accommodate the family's comfortable modern lifestyle? Thus, the basement is excavated down to the -2nd floor. Three major movement lines – the main, the logistical, and the secondary movement lines into the negative second floor – have been constructed. The additions of different staircases as functional bodies and as artistic installations, mitigate the dullness of the space and allow ventilation into the previously gloomy negative floor.

The hollow structure is created to link the separate first and negative first floor. Drawing on various artworks of both Chinese and foreign masters of art, the designers mix Eastern elegance or Western aesthetics or French classics, colorful ink or black and white minimalism, to infuse the space with different artistic spirits, making the space not only skillfully crafted but also rhythmical. The butterfly art installation uses traditional weaving techniques to produce flexible wire in a form that is light and dynamic, like a butterfly escaping from its cocoon and illustrating the tension of rebirth. The folding screen with the crane pattern on a black background brings the eastern poetry into the corner. People can enjoy the pleasure of ease, comfort and peace with book in hand, while being surrounded by the warmth of daylight and the beauty of the four seasons. In the 3F’s rest area, the elegantly retro branches and birds, the forest greenery that dots the bed and cabinet, the light that pours in through the gauze curtains. Every scene in the space is elegantly detailed and vivid, giving a strong life force and unrestrained tension thanks to the mix of oriental and contemporary styles. "Being completely relaxed to perceive the body and mind, to generate emotions, to discover yourself, and to develop empathy with a particular culture ." say the designers.

Thanks to these efforts, the owner claims that she and her family now have a beautiful place to live. Thus, their hearts and physical space are bound together.


 villa owner
 1000 mq
 Hui Xie, Shali Yan, Subing Zhao, Shuai Yang
 Ao Xiang


Boasting 22 years of working experience including 16 years in the villa field, Ms. Hui Xie possesses abundant and diversified practical experience in mansion projects, and is well-renowned in China’s interior design community for the research and practice of the system for healthy housing.
In her view, the designers must know how to handle properly the relationship between nature and interior & outdoor as life is involved in environment and the rich extension of nature is similar to the life cycle of housing. From the perspective of long-termism and humanistic care in design, she is skilled in emancipating the instinct of nature through the creation of interior environment, and focuses on family relations, emotional interaction, artistic exchange and the quality of life. Her works always embody the infinite inspiration of dialogue with the heart, the daily interest that becomes purer after the test of time, and the life accompanying residents in the spiritual resonance.


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