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CR_2, ready to set sail


Villa  /  Completed

This semi-detached house is the answer to the desire of two clients to find a space where they could share their common passion for sailing while also preserving their privacy. Starting from a modern reinterpretation of the classic gable roof, the body of the building splits in the middle: the two halves, facing south-east and south-west respectively, reunite into a harmonious whole through the element of water with the south-facing pool and through the glazed staircase at the rear. The minimalistic selection of materials are a mineral granular façade plaster in a light ivory colour, a sheet metal in a matching colour for the roof, completed by a powder-coated metal for all metallic parts and pine wood elements for the balconies, which accentuate the harmonious visual effect.

By dividing the building into two halves, the surrounding area was incorporated into the building structure. The slight slope of the building site was utilized to partially integrate the building into it. This also ensured that neither the view nor the sunlight was obstructed for the neighboring houses. By using a limited number of selected materials, the two villas blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

The duplex house was built in "Klimahaus A Nature" - standard. This means that sustainable materials have been used and that great attention has been paid to the heating needs and CO2 emissions, in terms of impact on the environment and the health and well-being of the residents. Furthermore, the indoor air quality was optimized by a built-in ventilation system and large glazed wall surfaces guarantee natural lighting. The building's water management was kept low and sound insulation was optimized through building acoustics measurements. The building was inspected by the Climate House Agency and awarded the quality seal for sustainable living (Kimahaus A Nature).

The project is situated on a slight slope in Feldthurns, which is a little village in Northern Italy, including a stunning view of the dolomites. The mission was to design two single family houses, which should be connected, but each one should have its own independence. The passion for sailing of both families was the starting point of our draft and runs like a red thread through the entire building, inside and outside. We started from the picture of a sailing boat, which immediately reflects the basic idea. We have two halves, splitted in the middle and slightly changed in shape. We designed two volumes, facing respectively south-east and south-west, reunited into a harmonious whole through the element of water with the south-facing pool and the glazed staircase at the rear. The minimalistic selection of the materials is completed by lightly coloured plaster, power coated metal and pine wood elements. Also, the selection of the interior is based on only a few materials like wood, terrazzo floor and maritime coloured fabrics. We drafted spacious and bright rooms including large window fronts, which float the room with light and gives the feeling of sitting outside, in the nature. For the light concept we first picked up the water theme with the raindrops, then we added an abstract form of the owner’s zodiac signs.

» Ready to set sail «


 390 mq
 Arch. Armin Sader, Arch. Gian Marco Giovanoli, Arch. Michael Silbernagl
 Gustav Willeit


Gian Marco Giovanoli and Armin Sader met during their joint studies in Innsbruck and Florence. In 2012 they founded the architecture studio ASAGGIO, acronym of the two names and literal expression of their philosophy, embodied by an aesthetic-architectural concept as contemporary as it is shrewd. A mutual inspiration which, through the many projects carried out together, has evolved into a common path called ASAGGIO. A turning point towards a new perspective on architecture, in which each project places the individual at the center.
»Every project has its own soul« In the course of realizing numerous projects, this mutual inspiration evolved into their common path - a turn toward a whole new way of thinking about architecture that focuses on the individual of each project in a special way.

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