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Češča Vas pool complex, conceived for active, healthy and relaxing leisure time


Sport&Leisure  /  Completed

The new pool complex does not want to drastically interfere with the existing spatial conditions and therefore uses the terrain to blend in with the surrounding nature as much as possible. The program is positioned as low as possible, with clever placement and minimal terrain changes. The floating roof helps create the impression that nature flows through and past the relatively large pool complex. The large spans that are created are bridged by a steel beam structure. The entire auxiliary program and technical infrastructure are placed inside these girders.

The construction of the new pool complex Češča vas is envisaged in a space dominated by the existing, recently renovated velodrome. The velodrome’s dome is a recognizable landmark, which is why it is our preference not to drastically alter the spatial relationships with the erection of the new swimming pool facility as it would introduce disorder that the space could do without, and further saturate it. The new pool facility thus takes advantage of the topographic properties of the inclined terrain. It is sited as low as possible and does not constitute a new dominant in the space

The building uses the natural slope of the terrain. In this manner, the design reduces the structure's facade envelope surface, thereby increasing its energy efficiency and reducing the investment cost. The possible risk due to the increased terrain excavation is thus efficiently balanced. The building is heated with heat pumps, and special attention was paid to water management, which includes the use of energy-efficient equipment for heating and filtering water and the use of renewable energy sources. The project envisages space for photovoltaic panels on the large, flat roof surface, which will supply the building with electricity to a certain extent (probably 60 %).

The building's subdued appearance in the space is achieved by the low floating roof, under which the surrounding landscape is allowed to flow across the pool. At the same time, the roof of the structure is the volume housing all the programme which does not require a direct contact with the water surfaces. The programme arrangement ensures a taller ceiling height above the pool space and a lower ceiling height at the reception desk and changing rooms. The light appearing along the entire perimeter creates and impression of the roof volume hovering above the pool surface, while wide views of the surrounding nature open from the interior. The cantilever roof on the building's entrance side acts as a canopy, which, together with the dug-in amphitheatre surface, forms the exterior entrance platform. The materiality of the pool complex is very simple and restrained. The facade envelope of the floating roof is covered in natural, unvarnished timber boards which will in time age and thereby further blend the building with the materiality of the surrounding forest. Together with the tilted geometry, the roof appears in the space as a paraphrase of the local rural development. The only material highlight is the bottom side of the floating pool roof volume, which is uniformly coloured in an intense, warm hue. In this way, the ceiling is present enough to create a pleasant shelter for users, although the pool area does not actually have full perimeter walls.

With the construction of a swimming pool complex the Municipality of Novo mesto, aims to enable the conditions for the spread of swimming culture in the wider area. The swimming pool complex, in combination with the velodrome facility and other sports and recreational areas, is defined as an Olympic sports center. Attractive new swimming pool facility also fill out the desire to create a space that will provide place for the surrounding population spend active, healthy and relaxing leisure time.


 Češča Vas
 Novo mesto Municipality
 Swimming pool facility
 4770 mq
  7,000,000.00 €
 Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Jurij Ličen, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Polona Ruparčič, Sara Ambruš, Eva Tomac, Eva Javornik, Urška Malič, Rasmus Skov, Sara Mežik, Jakob Kajzer, Peter Sovinc, Carlos Cuenca Solana, Goran Djokić
 Ivan Ramšak (structural engineering), Nom biro (mechanical and electrical services), Krajinaris (landscape architecture), Controlmatik ABW (pool technology)
 Miran Kambič


Enota was founded in 1998 with the ambition to create contemporary and critical architectural practice of an open type based on collective approach to development of architectural and urban solutions. Constant changes and new complex situations in the world around us drive us to think about new architectural and urban solutions. In order to be able to produce answers to those new questions we believe it’s time to surpass the boundaries of conventional discipline set mainly by our cultural backgrounds. Enota’s team of architects focuses on research driven design of the environment where study of contemporary social organizations and use of new technologies are interwoven to produce innovative and effective solutions. Enota’s solutions are strongly influenced by research, reinterpretation and development of social, organizational and design algorithms that derive from nature. The result is always a strong binding of the buildings with the environment that surrounds them.


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