Robert Klun - The Slovenian National Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai
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The Slovenian National Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Robert Klun

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Robert Klun

Slovenia is a land of many natural resources and one of the most water-rich European countries. We can boast of exceptional quality drinking water, numerous forests and quality wood. Natural resources and our sincere attitude to other people and nature are the guiding principle in creating a sustainable concept for the Slovenian pavilion at the world Expo 2020 in Dubai.
The Slovenian pavilion is designed as a meeting point for people and business visitors, which, with its presentation and business concept, enables the establishment of genuine links and opportunities for cooperation.

In the sphere of tourism, Slovenia is considered a boutique destination and our economy is a leading player in many niche innovations. The main emphasis is based on cooperation, innovation, nature, health and safety as fundamental human values. The entire presentation is founded on contact between the five senses and nature and the environment. Through architecture and digital technologies, we provide a powerful personal address.

We would like to send a message to potential tourist visitors that Slovenia has a green economy and is a water-rich oasis committed to preserving natural resources in the heart of Europe, where it is possible to relax, live a healthy life and enjoy a good quality of life with a smart approach and work.

Clouds and oases have always been a symbol of intersections. The flow of people is focused on making friends and exchanging experiences, the intertwining of cultures, gastronomy and tourism. In the flow of knowledge, the emphasis is placed on the concept of open living labs in a real environment. Slovenian knowledge, solutions and the integration of business opportunities are a common denominator.
With the use of advanced technology, we include Slovenian SRIP initiatives as an innovative and future oriented society.
The pavilion depicts Slovenia as a green heart in the central part of Europe, an intersection of land transport and shipping routes and an important geostrategic country. Slovenia as the 5th and 10th Corridor, an intersection of people’s openness, quality of life and innovation.

Our project unites the three elements that identify Slovenia the most. The interweaving of these elements aims to demonstrate our wisdom, innovation and energy.
Within the scope of the natural resources, we have chosen water - a symbol of life, vitality, flow, materials and ideas - as element "1". Water is a universal symbol that represents water-rich Slovenia, which is even more pronounced in the desert. The water field represents our reflection and identifies us.

Life came into being in the water, which is a prerequisite for its preservation. Water
means food, health, nature and energy. The right to water is an original and basic
human right and the right of all species living on this planet. It represents cleanliness,
flowability, freedom and power.

Today, Slovenia can boast of receiving three international architectural awards for Magnet Design and Robert Klun and of the amazing global and Arab response and recognitions, and, what counts the most – news coverage in the media and social networks. Slovenia’s promotion through the pavilion is truly exceptional, opening the doors to Slovenian tourism, the economy and people.


 Emirati Arabi Uniti
 Slovenian goverment
 1550 mq
  3,000,000.00 €
 Robert Klun
 Magnet design
 Robert Klun
 Magnet design


Magnet design was founded by Robert Klun and was born from Klun Ambienti, a family run company with 40 years’ tradition in upholstered furniture production. With a growing need for a project approach to upholstery furnishing jobs and a growing demand for a comprehensive service on projects a design and planning team was formed and later Magnet design. We offer our clients complete support in creating spaces. Together with our partners we can work with you from conception to the champagne. We can join you on your project at any time – at the design and planning stage as architects or at the execution stage as providers of first class builders’ and craftsmen’s services and supplier of top quality interior finishes and furnishings. Our field of expertise lies in architecture and interior design. We provide: project consulting, project development, project execution. Our goal is to make your experience in creating your environment as simple and as pleasant as possible.

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