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MEXTRA Lab Base: "Make the space art, and make the art spatial"


Special Projects  /  Completed

Mextra Lab Base is designed to be an international life museum with a combination of aesthetics, interaction and experience, a life museum aiming to convey MEXTRA life concept, upgrade furnishing consumption and demonstrate its leading design. Centered on Lab Base, it becomes an R&D center inspiring aesthetic innovation. As a complex immersive experience field, it not only displays the furnishing aesthetics that MEXTRA has been dedicating to, but also not only show the brand stick to explore aesthetics at home, but also spread and lead the development of life culture.

The showroom provides service to customers from home and broad and also C-terminal users, fully reflecting the unique brand image.

The other one is business. It is a medium to attract investment and promote brand recognition to achieve its value transformation.

Mextra Lab Base provides customers a C-END drainage, by which it creates a brand memory point enhancing the brand symbol and build an immersive interactive experience field, helping customers explore aesthetics.

This project presents our thinking on the above questions, and gives their answers through our design. We hope that our small step on exploration can promote and inspire the industry's thinking and innovation. We will make innovation with brand, live with our environment and make progress with the whole industry.

We base our design on the needs of our client. Mextra Lab Base is built to convey four philosophies: innovation energy, cutting-edge aesthetics, brand design empowerment and management and operation.

"Make the space art, and make the art spatial." This is the spiritual core of the design. A 45-meter-long heterogeneous metal Mosaic wall is designed on the exterior window, a space art installation that pays tribute to the artist Antonio Gaudi. It interprets the art language of Gaudi times with modern materials.

About 45-meters heterogeneous space has three different themes: Surprising Gift, Mysterious Date and Wild Party. The project can be analyzed from two business perspectives. One is the brand. The space is an "energy field" with the functions of promoting brand image, spreading residential aesthetics and the leading edge of life culture.

At the entrance of the showroom, an art installation base is set up to convey MEXTRA’s aesthetics. The artistic scene created by this unusual installation not only attracts customers but also create online topic about the brand, achieving the spread of Internet traffic.

The visual impact of colors and letters is accompanied by the change of shades of deep red, bringing a very intense visual experience. As a medium of expressing feelings, colors can be emotional. The lava orange, which represents enthusiasm, adds emotional colors to the whole space.

At the same time, we are also exploring a way of commercial innovation. On the basis of traditional design mode, we priority brand planning instead of conceptual creation, which not only updates our working process but also reflects our thinking about future complex business environment.


 Exhibition Hall
 900 mq
  928,410.00 €
 Wang Guan, Liu Jianhui, Wang Zhaobao
 Shi Xiang Wan He


IDMatrix provides space design and soft furnishings services, with headquarters in Shenzhen and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Xi'an. After more than ten years of development, Matrix Design has grown into a Chinese design brand with both industry influence and contemporary representation.
Since its inception, Matrix Design has always shouldered industry responsibilities and social responsibilities, with the goal of "fulfilling people's aspirations for a better life" and the brand mission of "returning to the East". It is committed to promoting Chinese design to the world, striving to achieve design value added in environmental, social, cultural, and economic benefits, and always thinking about using design to empower and echo the beautiful life of living. Space design and soft furnishings business covers residential, office, and Hospitality, education, commerce, wellness and other business sectors.


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