Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano - "L'immateriale", a floating theater concept
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"L'immateriale", a floating theater concept

Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano

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Laboratorio di Architettura Semerano

In the land of Carmelo Bene, the theater can only be "immaterial", it appears from the sea and disappears into the sea ... and it could not be otherwise in a region, Puglia, which has almost a thousand kilometers of coastline and therefore ports everywhere. Thus, a floating structure that can change shape and size will become the symbol of the creativity of an entire region. A single intervention that moves wherever an event is planned, designed to be flexible and respond to any installation requirement.

The very idea of the project comes from the characteristics of the territory, a peninsula within a peninsula facing the sea on all sides and so rich in high-quality historical settlements. From time to time, the floating platform in its iridescent form assumes the form that best communicates with the place to which it refers. A form closed on itself like a small theater hall, or completely open for events that involve a greater number of spectators.

The identifying character of the project is its modularity, both as regards the emerging structure and the floating one, allowing for rapid assembly and the possible replacement or recycling of parts. The material used is steel, the only 100% recyclable material. Furthermore, the intervention provides for the production of the necessary energy through photovoltaic panels which will make the installation completely self-sufficient.

The floating island is made up of parts that can be assembled together in different configurations to allow the setting up of the most diverse events, from theater to dance to concerts. There are piers that allow access to the mainland on particular occasions, sustain units will contain the technological support needed from time to time. The floating base is made up of modular hollow boxes, the emerging structure is made in its various configurations by assembling a single module that can support the photovoltaic panels necessary to make the installation self-sufficient, special hooks allow to quickly hook up a reinforced textile cover with stiffening elements in carbon fiber, as currently used in the sailing industry.

It is a nomadic architecture and as such it moves where needed, without consuming land, a new ecology of space.


 Puglia region
 8153 mq
  2,000,000.00 €
 Toti Semerano
 Salvatore Musarò, Riccardo Catamo, Stefano Sabato, Ludovica Fava


Toti Semerano was born in Padua, Italy in 1941. He lives and works in Italy in the cities of Padua and Lecce. During his thirty years of professional experience, he has achieved a versatile and multifaceted professionalism in his work of continuous technical experimentation, far from the contemporary institution. Architect capable of mixing both innovative techniques and traditional materials with the same passion, to create new forms that are open to continuous transformations, in continuous dialogue with space and light. Some of his works have recently received important awards: "The Plan Award 2022" at Garden Housing in Montebelluna, "The Plan Award 2021" Leuca-Punta Meliso landscape project, "Hotel Stella Maris" Pida 2020 award winner, "Atelier Marco Bagnoli" is a finalist at the Eu Mies Awards 2019; winner of the 2018 The Plan Award in the Housing category with “Residenza Sansovino”.


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