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The Eclipse, bringing emotion and visual gravity through uncompromising brutalism


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Our inspiration was the elemental work connected to Omani nature, as well as the rugged grandeur of the project. We enjoyed the idea of a monolithic representation of the moon, bringing a strong atmosphere, emotion and visual gravitas through its uncompromising brutalism. We wanted to create a boutique where intimacy & extravagance are the keys to a singular Experience. Visitors are intrigued by the gigantic mineral sphere at the center of the boutique, and by the halo of light upon arrival. As they approach this centerpiece, the precious Attars offer is revealed, along with the olfactory discovery ritual.

The architecture, way around the space and experience were designed so the brand resonates well beyond the Mall of Oman walls. Visiting the space is gradual and immersive, using scale and trompe l’oeil effects, like the huge travertine gaps that form the pattern of the store’s slide flank. Yet these mineral giants in fact hide a succession of vertical screens created by digital artists, who have also been highly inspired by the perfumer’s creations. When opening a drawer, smelling a perfume, the screens come to life and provide a visual interpretation of the fragrance being discovered.

We remained as faithful to the concept as possible, by only using raw materials and natural stones. We also refrained from using any plastic materials in any visuel merchandising tools. To keep the power usage as low as possible, we used LEDs for the succession of vertical screens.

The boutique is finished with luxe materials including dark oak, waxed concrete, polished black stainless steel, brass and gold leaf touches, together in a refined 21st century brutalist patchwork.

The Amouage Flagship boutique conveys the mysterious poetry of an eclipse in the brightness of the skies over Oman. To embody this, a monumental sphere 3 metres in diameter, split by a crack in gold leaf from one side to the other, forms the focal point of the space, which is part store, part art gallery.

The visitors are intrigued by a gigantic mineral sphere right in the center of the store and by the halo of light situated at the back. As visitors approach the sphere, they discover a rift in which the Attars, the brand's most precious product offering, are presented. QR codes associated with the bottles enable a richer discovery of each essence through augmented reality. There is no doubt that this is where the most unique olfactory discovery is experienced in the store. This is because it occurs using a Qalam, a quill that was the calligraphy tool used to keep the gold trade registers in Oman. Carefully dipping the quill into the bottle’s slender neck allows it to take up a drop of precious liquid used to anoint a pulse point. Not only is the storage of the products incorporated in the design of the store, so the sales assistants can devote their time entirely to the clients, the entire journey is designed in a human-centric way. As the eclipse pulls them in, they are sent on an immersive discovery. Education is integrated into shelf panels containing ingredient and range specific content.

"I was immediately seduced by this moon, bringing emotion & visual gravity through uncompromising brutalism." - Renaud Salmon, Chief Experience Officer Amouage


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 La Conciergerie de l'Architecture


Héroïne is the Brand Experience Agency. The Agency is built around a cornerstone: the R.O.X.™ method, for Return On eXperience. Héroïne has 3 areas of expertise: Strategy, Design and Retail Education. We support customers ranging from DNVBs like Horace to Houses like Cartier, Fred and Hermès. Our main concern is to understand a brand's community in order to program the places that will welcome them and the content that will enhance their store visit.


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