Il Prisma - Baldinini store in Milan, a "fil rouge" connecting the brand’s past and future
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Baldinini store in Milan, a "fil rouge" connecting the brand’s past and future

Il Prisma

Retail  /  Completed
Il Prisma

Overseen by the team of Il Prisma Destination BU, with the contribution of architect Stefania Tognoloni, the interior design project is based on the concept entitled Fil Rouge and develops around three design drivers — freedom, comfort, detail — inspired by the values of the Baldinini brand. The designers imagined the space as a common thread, fil rouge, in a metaphorical and literal sense, connecting the brand’s past and future. Iconic and distinctive, it moves freely in the space through certain architectural and furnishing elements — such as the handrail of the stairs, the lines of the carpet edges, the armchairs plinths— while accompanying the visitor to the boutique and creating an unexpected detail that enriches the whole experience.

The new Baldinini flagship store opens in the heart of the Fashion District, inside the prestigious building at Via della Spiga 26 in Milan. The interior design project aims to create a sense of openness, permeability and visibility of the store right from the outside, thanks also to the ledwals in shop window, segmented on three levels to create a dynamic and transparent digital scenography and offer the visitor an immersive experience.

Spread over two floors, the 150-square-meter sotre is a dynamic and flexible space that unites the brand’s heritage and the contemporaneity of the renewed identity in a single thread. In the heart of the boutique, an experiential table, which hosts the cash desk, gives the customer the opportunity to explore the materials through the collection of leather samples. There are three areas dedicated to product testing, two on the ground floor and one in the basement. Furnished with mirrors, sofas and multifunctional seats which, if necessary, transform into a tray for serving a coffee, they welcome the customer in a comfortable environment where you can feel pampered and totally at ease. The overall result is a dynamic and flexible boutique, whose interiors, neutral and elegant, become the basis on which the monogram’s fil rouge is engrafted. It conveys the brand’s identity and story, while linking all Baldinini products in a single showroom to express the brand in its every detail.

“The brand, which has embarked on a rebranding process involving style and visual identity, today unveils a modern image that reflects its new positioning. The new store concept originates from the new logo's declination, symbolized by the monogram B, where the B is characterized by a common thread, as a link between the past and the future.” – Christian Prazzoli, CEO Baldinini


 150 mq
 Il Prisma
 Michele Pini, Francesco Papini, Alessia Rinaldi, Gaetano Auricchio, Veronica Dossi, Livia Daniele
 Carola Merello


Il Prisma is an international architecture and planning firm with Italian origins, designing spaces and experiences for the human being. The company has offices in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Cityscape, Worksphere and Destination.
Design Human Life: the way humans live and the architectures they inhabit have always been our focus of attention. We believe that every change needs adequate space to happen. We act in the area of convergence between people and organizations to design spaces rich with life, work and involvement. In a nutshell, we design human life.

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