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Apple Via del Corso, to inspire creativity among the local community

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Foster + Partners

The idea for the Apple Via Del Corso store project came from a desire to restore a historic building, Palazzo Marignoli, and bring its forgotten historical layers back to life. Previously hidden behind several interventions, they are made visible to the public once again. The concept was developed through a careful process of peeling back the layers of history within the building, from its original construction in the 19th century to its use as a 16th century monastery. Foster + Partners worked to integrate the historic features of the building with modern technology and design, creating a space that celebrates both the city and its history. The result is a beautiful retail space that offers customers an immersive experience, surrounded by artwork and history.

Apple Via Del Corso is in the historic Palazzo Marignoli. The store has a restored façade and large windows that provide views into the store and the lush internal courtyard. The internal layout of the main rooms is preserved, making the courtyard the green heart of the store and visible from almost every corner, with trees contributing to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Carrara stone lines the central passage's arches and vaults, leading to the grand staircase. The tranquil courtyard, a remnant of a 16th-century monastery garden, is adorned with Camphora trees. One of the main rooms at the first floor showcases an elaborately painted, geometrically patterned ceiling that was discovered during construction and has since been restored to its former glory.

Apple Via Del Corso was designed with sustainability in mind. The systems maintain a constant internal environment for the preservation of the artwork, with a ventilation system that responds to the levels of occupancy and outdoor weather to minimise energy usage. The majority of the sales areas can be fully conditioned with outdoor air with no requirement for heating or cooling as air side economiser is used when external conditions allow, and energy-efficient lighting is used throughout the store. Preserving the building's historic features while incorporating modern technology was a crucial to the project. The project also incorporated strategies to reduce waste and water usage, including the reuse of existing materials and installation of efficient water taps with sensors.

Apple Via Del Corso is a historic retrofit project that brings new life to Palazzo Marignoli, a 19th century building located on a vibrant street in Rome. The project aims to stitch together the disparate spaces of the building by creating a carefully crafted relationship between grand and more domestic-scale spaces while playing up the contrast between the historic and contemporary parts to enrich the experience of the store. The building's courtyard, originally a remnant of the 16th century monastery, is now the green heart of the store, visible from almost every corner. The trees contribute to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors and provide a link to the story of the site.
The store's environmental systems maintain a constant internal environment for the preservation of the artwork, while its ventilation system responds intelligently to the levels of occupancy and outdoor weather to minimize energy usage. The lighting levels and luminaire colour temperature of the main meeting space and feature stair core alter throughout the day, creating a pleasant experience and comfortable atmosphere. The project also boasts a high level of attention to detail, from the carefully selected Carrara stone to the restored lanterns that now use high-efficiency LEDs to mimic traditional candlelight.

“The new store represents a celebration of the unique history and art of Roman culture, and we hope to inspire creativity among the local community with our Made in Rome programme and future Today at Apple sessions.” Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People


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