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Spa Chalets, a traditional looking compact place of retreat

Viereck Architects

Renovation  /  Completed
Viereck Architects

Inspired by the regional roof structure, the exterior views create a sense of unity, timber slats let light and air into the openable glazed facade.

The original structure made of wooden beams was retained and adapted, the old part was reinforced and doubled- up, the foundation was renewed and expanded, but always in relation to the original floor plan. Although the east-facing hillside allows sunshine to enter, a common layout wasn’t possible due to the slope, the focus is on an open living and dining area with a standalone kitchen, as well as the southwest-facing terrace, made of local spruce and pine.

The property has an east facing slope where the new buildings serve, together with the main house, as completion of an ensemble by several individual buildings. Originally, the hut served as a shelter from weather events during the seasons. In spring from the cold, in summer from the heat and in autumn as a break from the grape harvesting. It has also served as a sleeping- in, without electricity and water. Later, the hut was also used to pull up the vine stocks as well as a tool hut.

At first glance, the enlarged, revitalized “Winzerhütte” (Winemaker’s hut) appears like a traditional southern Styrian farmhouse nestled within the vineyards. When you look at it calmly, it turns out to be a compact place of retreat: it can be closed on the mountain side and opened quickly on the front - for unobstructed views into the landscape. As an ensemble, the Spa Chalet together with the Sauna Chalet forms an inner courtyard that conveys privacy and intimacy.

Generous glass facades frame the landscape into a picture, reduced furniture gives undisturbed openness to indulge in.
Relaxation in a refuge... with a few steps you are within nature where you can find a degree of security and retreat, depending on the perspective, the views into the landscape changes accordingly.

The facade of the Sauna chalet is made of pine wood and extends over the roof and therefore creates a homogeneous appearance. Large sliding doors within the glass facade and all window frames are made of delicate dark brown aluminum. The surfaces of all interiors are made of local linden wood and the oak floors were stained to cherry wood looks, creating an interior made entirely of wood, which creates an enormous sense of well-being.



 Southern Styria
 Sauna Chalet
 108 mq
 Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH
 Kerstin Ochensberger, Ewald Viereck


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