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Headquarters ASM Merano, an inclusive and wellness-oriented workplace

Busselli Scherer Architekten

Renovation  /  Completed
Busselli Scherer Architekten

The idea for the project is the result of an ongoing dialogue with the client in order to meet their needs and build an inclusive and wellness-oriented workplace. The architectural concept is characterized by maximum flexibility of use. Along the glazed façades of the building are the administrative offices and, centrally, the meeting rooms and common areas. Here the prevailing partition material is glass in order to facilitate and promote teamwork and cooperation. A choice that, by avoiding the open space form, keeps the visual and operational openness between departments and staff intact. Furthermore, the divisions between rooms are designed to be able to be changed over time, favoring the concepts of transformation and spatial versatility.

The new ASM Meran HQ is a large space on two floors. The bulding is located on the outskirts of Meran, just a stone's throw from the historic hippodrome. The work is an adaptive reuse project that transforms the spaces of a former warehouse into an open and flexible headquarters. The building's facades facing the hippodrome are entirely glazed and allow the administrative offices and common areas to receive natural light throughout the day, guaranteeing high standards of well-being. The visual transparency created by the large external windows is replicated by the architectural studio also internally, ensuring maximum openness and brightness in every room. Moreover the facade transparency creates a dialoge with the sourranding, inviting the landascape to enter the space.

Thanks to the restoration and regeneration of spaces, it has been possible to breathe new life into a disused building with important benefits in terms of sustainability. When a building is demolished and removed, the energy load generated is lost and new construction results in additional energy costs that burden the ecosystem. With adaptive reuse, on the other hand, it is possible to reuse existing buildings while preserving the existing building stock. An act of responsibility in facing the global climate crisis.

Covering an area of 1800 square meters, the new headquarters is designed to accommodate 45-50 workstations, several meeting rooms, counters open to the public, and additional sharing spaces for staff. In the adaptive reuse project, the interior design maintains some distinctive features that characterized the previous use. A homage to the existing structure, which, internally, preserves that industrial charm typical of buildings with an artisanal vocation. To balance the hard, sculpted character of the rough pillars, concrete walls and exposed installations, the interior design project incorporates soft furnishings and finishes. The custom-made furniture is in veined wood, the choice of seating points to the sinuosity of shell-shaped armchairs, soft poufs in fabric and pastel colors. Even the lighting throughout the entire building points to the softness of sound-absorbing technological fabrics. To connect the two floors, the firm designed a helicoidal staircase with a strong material connotation. The staircase, made of cast concrete and iron, is built on site and the steel stringers are used as a disposable formwork. A unique element that adds further value to the new headquarters. Characterizing the main entrance are the reception desk and several living areas. The ambience is informal, with a vocation for welcome and environmental well-being. Designed by Busselli Scherer Architekten firm, the front desk is a strongly characterizing element of the public space.



 ASM Merano - Stadtwerke Meran
 1800 mq
 Roberto Busselli, Mattia Arcaro, Ulrike Gasser
 Busselli Scherer Architekten, Baubüro, Energytech, Pfeifer Partners
 Davide Perbellini


The architectural approach of Busselli Scherer Architekten starts from people, making elements such as imagination, experimentation and research the foundations of its design culture. The South Tyrolean architectural firm, led by Roberto Busselli and Michael Scherer, imagines a world of relationships where architecture is in dialogue with people, cities and nature. A human-centered vision from which to draw innovative solutions, in connection with sustainability and living comfort. Busselli Scherer Architekten deals with architectural design, interior design and construction management. The studio's main areas of design range from the world of headquarters to the residential world, and from regeneration through urban green to public architecture in the health, education and social sectors. The studio is located in the historic centre of Bozen, in a fascinating building from the early '900, a synergistic space open to the influences and stimuli of different sectors and visions.


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