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YC INOX Taiwanese factory brings Feng Shui principles in Turkey

Iglo Architects

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Iglo Architects

Taiwanese YC INOX company is one of the leader companies in production of stainless-steel pipes and plates. Their new facility in Istanbul have 65.000 sqm built area and includes production, office and social spaces. The challenges were solving technical puzzles to achieve energy efficiency, sustainability, effective waste management and an optimized process flow and make people want to work there. A high-quality and prestigious building is targeted to encourage employees to work willingly and facilitate connections between production and management. Feng Shui principles which are important for Taiwanese culture also determined spatial relations, forms, colours and use of natural elements.

The objective was to create a memorable and prestigious existence that makes its presence felt in its environment when compared to its peers as a factory building, that arouses interest, and that inspires enthusiasm to work. The building creates a difference with the social areas made possible by the façade of the basement that is revealed in both directions, the use of the open areas, the façade interpretations that allow plenty of daylight, the spacious interior space solutions, and the solutions that bolster up occupational safety in connection with wastes and hazardous operations.

The importance attached to energy efficiency and insulation, the recovery of process heats, the recycling of process waste, making use of daylight, and the recovery of rainwater and grey water ensure sustainability. The choice of high-quality glazing and mesh blinds created in order to take advantage of daylight and increase thermal and acoustic quality ensures comfort and energy saving. The water element used in the open spaces was employed to provide a cool environment thanks to the micro-climate it creates in the heat of summer.

The objective of the project is to perform the design of the production and management structure of the Taiwanese stainless steel company investing in Turkey.The main targets in the construct of the building were to ensure that employees work efficiently and willingly in a high-quality and prestigious environment and to facilitate the connections between production and management, and to achieve the criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability, waste management, and the optimisation of the process flow. Also, the building’s entrance angles, spatial relations, form, colour, the use of natural elements, and the expectation for a respectful building that encourages productive and good relations, all of which have been considered in accordance with the rules of Feng shui, to which the Company attaches importance, set the direction for the design. The fact that the building is a factory building necessitates the implementation of many standards and process requirements. In fact, it does not become easily possible to allow flexibility to the form. The management and social areas offer the architecture the opportunities to create a difference. The entrance section was designed in soft lines in a manner that softens the rigid corners and draws the architectural interest of the building, being placed in the water element. Social areas were created for employees with the garden delineated by the bridge created to reveal the basement, water cascades and the amphitheatre area.

The company is excited that it has been able, sooner than expected, to receive positive responses to the messages it wished to give to its target market, customers, employees, and the environment through this investment it made quite far away from its homeland. It is believed that the investment sets an example that inspires the sector.


 39000 mq
  35,000,000.00 €
 Zafer Karoğlu,
 Zafer Karoğlu, Yıldırım Gigi
 Yıkılmaz- Yapısal İnşaat
 Med Mechanical- Esan Engineering-Office Istanbul Construction Engineering and consultancy
 Egemen Karakaya


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