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When urban regeneration meets architecture


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Il Molino di Tor Cervara is a unique facility: a versatile hub designed to meet the needs of contemporary logistics at its best; specifically, it concerns the renovation of a brownfield, thus enhancing the value of an old existing structure. The hub is structured to adapt to the changing needs of the market and the city, allowing to provide customized logistics solutions based on the type of clientele.

Located near the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) in the Municipio IV area, Il Molino di Tor Cervara represents an urban logistics solution that promotes the reduction of heavy vehicle traffic in favor of lightweight and environmentally friendly vehicles, benefiting both traffic and the environment. Nearly 620,000 families live within a 20-minute drive from the site, and around 2.8 million people and approximately 11,000 shops are located within 30 minutes’ reach from Il Molino di Tor Cervara. The complex enjoys a privileged position from which it is easy to reach the entire city of Rome. It is located near the main highways, making it easy to reach from outside the capital.

Il Molino di Tor Cervara is a LEED certified project that is part of the urban regeneration and redevelopment of the existing area with a consumption of soil "virgin" equal to 0. Great attention has been paid to the design of the offices. The workplaces available to tenants are designed according to the best criteria of ergonomics and eco-sustainability. The warehouse is topped by a large 600 square meters terrace: an added value that raises the comfort level of the hub, an ideal place for moments of relaxation and socializing.

The storage capacity is maximized thanks to a large warehouse area that can be used up to a height of over 11 meters. The workplaces have been designed to be functional and comfortable, in line with the current needs of the logistics sector. The Molino di Tor Cervara is served by vast maneuvering spaces that ensure maximum safety for loading and unloading procedures of goods. The internal width of the hub is ideal for the circulation and parking of commercial vehicles. The free configuration of spaces makes it possible to carve out specific areas dedicated to lounge areas, meeting rooms, executive and operational offices. A total area is characterized by welcoming, brightness and flexibility. The open space configuration also provides the flexibility necessary for the most modern workplaces.

We are so happy! The complete refurbishment of our Molino di Tor Cervara is going on very well, in the next few months these 12.000 m2 of warehousing surfaces and their offices will be completely transformed into a perfect urban logistics site for Rome.


 Carlyle Real Estate SGR / Corsalis Logistics Real Estate
 16536 mq
 Ing. Filippo Salis - S.F.R.E. S.r.l.
 Ing. Giovanni Mauro Filippi, Ing. Simone Colantonio, Arch. Letizia Armentano, Arch. Federica Feudi, Per. CAT Jeffrey Jordan Arabe Atienza - S.F.R.E. S.r.l.
 BEG Ingénierie
 CBRE Italy
 Riccardo Tarantola / Riccardo Urso


S.F.R.E. SRL • Services For Real Estate is a Project & Construction Management company established in 2016 in Milan, driven by Filippo Salis' desire to create a team of professionals capable of meeting the needs in the building and engineering field, logistics, and light-industrial properties, following the core service of Project Management. SFRE designs properties that represent added value both for the territory in which they are located and for the community that can benefit from the advantages derived from warehouse. To achieve this goal, the company conducts thorough studies through a team of highly skilled professionals with a strong know-how in the Logistics Real Estate sector, enabling them to establish an effective working method. In order to achieve significant results, SFRE carefully considers the intended use of the property, which serves as a starting point to study engineering solutions that are more suitable to meet clients' expectations and the needs of end users.


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