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Terza Torre, an iconic office building in Florence

Join Venture: Offtec - Valle 3.0 - Odinipa Ingegeneria - Geol. Nolasco

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Join Venture: Offtec - Valle 3.0 - Odinipa Ingegeneria - Geol. Nolasco

The proposed design idea for “Terza Torre” is based on a unified design which the new building define dialogue with the existing buildings. The volume is the "missing piece" that completes the existing tetris consisting of the twin buildings of the Directional Center. Not only the definition of the form but also the master plan, allows the project to connect "new and pre-existing" as part of a single architectural composition. The definition of the volume emerges from an abstraction of the form of the existing buildings, concluding an optimal joint with them. The new volume is the reflection of the perfect half of the existing towers. After an initial definition of the form, the volume was shaped to return an iconic and unique image, a symbol of Tuscany Region.

Base on Florence's strong historical background, the project respects the context of city. The new master plan offers the city new shareable public areas, bringing greenery back into the city. The intervention fits perfectly into the urban space: the existing tramway infrastructure facilitates connections to the city, allowing public circulation and providing optimal accessibility to the lot. Pedestrian accesses are located along the intervention perimeter; two main roads bordering, where ramps allow connection with parking lots make building more accessible. The new building dialogues perfectly with the two existing towers thanks to the landscape design in which appropriately designed areas become urban spaces with different functional identities.

To minimize energy consumption and CO2 production, a system that integrates good design practices, management, and control technologies geared toward energy conservation has been devised. For this, provision is made for:

  • photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for renewable energy;
  • high-performance thermal systems and air quality;
  • water reuse;
  • energy-efficient equipment;
  • extensive use of green space;
  • use of BIM and Environmental Energy Certification Systems;
  • BMS (building management systems)

The sustainability of a building also involves the future circular use of building elements, components, and parts, with emphasis on less waste production and reuse or recycling of major elements.

The project for the “Terza Torre” is configured as a new innovative and modern architecture built on six levels, consisting of glazed, flexible blocks framed by a single large linear roof. The terraces are one of the central element of the architectural composition. They lend iconicity to the building, making it recognizable and a symbol of sustainability. The shape allows the green terraces to act as an environmental filter that can protect the building from extreme weather changes in winter and summer. The new tower is configured as an institutional headquarters that increasingly wants to open up to its surroundings.

The dynamism of the volumes that characterize the design of “Terza Torre” makes it possible to improve the fusion between "built space" and nature; the slippage of the floors makes it possible to increase the green space at the service of the offices, thanks to the presence of large terraces, which house roof gardens at high altitude, appropriately equipped and promoting relaxation, in contact with nature and allowing users to enjoy the panorama of the entire city of Florence.


 Regione Toscana
 12000 mq
  35,000,000.00 €
 Flavian Basile, Emanuela Valle
 Mariarosaria Savoia, Laura Clemente, Maryam Gholami, Mohamed Yousry, Jorge Rico
 HERE s.r.l.


Offtec Progetti, founded in 2016 by Arch. Flavian Basile is an Italian firm operating in the field of civil engineering and architecture. Offtec's operational structure guarantees technical services in the various fields of engineering and architecture. Our mission is to respect based on innovative solutions, constant comparison, professional updating of human resources, integration of interdisciplinary skills, and attention to the quality of services offered. After 7 years, Offtec was presented 300 projects with value of 1 billion euros apportunity in terms of construction. Now Offtec is well-known as a nationally and internationally design studio. Today our teams are pround to represent opportunities to respect sustainability and enviromentaly friendly to build a better world.

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