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ICD Brookfield Place, a serene yet welcome warmth achieved through harmony with biophilia and natural light

Foster + Partners

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Foster + Partners

ICD Brookfield Place is a mixed-use development at the heart of Dubai's International Financial Centre (DIFC) district. The diagonal route across the site offers an entryway to the development through the new pedestrian link between Al Mustaqbal Street and DIFC Gate Avenue. The additional length of the route generated across the site allows level changes to be comfortable and intuitive - taking visitors up to the 30-metre-high Summer Garden, which serves as the social heart of the complex. It has a four-storey-high A-frame providing stability and creating a generous marker at the building's entrance. Overall, the design prioritises high-quality spaces for living and working, with an active ground level and an extraordinary quadruple-height office space at the top of the tower.

The development has been designed to have a positive impact on the area around it. It offers high-quality spaces to live and work, including a unique 30 metre-high, 2,000 square-metre summer garden. The design breaks the grid pattern of Al Mustaqbal Street to announce the new complex and entrance to the DIFC, while also establishing a pedestrian link to the DIFC Gate Avenue. Carefully considered planting, around the various entrances to the north side of the building, set the scene for the internal landscape of the Summer Garden. Together, they establish a strong link between inside and outside while offering natural shading and a tranquil interlude in the city. Overall, the project aims to enhance the urban character of the DIFC and puts public space at the very heart of the design.

ICD Brookfield Place was designed with sustainability and eco-compatibility at its core. It has achieved LEED Platinum rating through a 40% reduction in energy consumption compared to ASHRAE 90.1:2007, a 20% reduction in exterior lighting power consumption compared to ASHRAE 90.1:2007, a 40% reduction in water use below the LEED baseline, and a 50% reduction in irrigation consumption compared to the LEED mid-summer baseline. The development also prioritises public spaces, with the summer garden offering a flexible space for events and increased outdoor air ventilation. The use of low emitting materials throughout enhances the users' experience. Construction waste diversion from landfill is targeted at a minimum of 50%.

ICD Brookfield Place is a mixed-use office and retail development in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) district. With a 53-storey tower featuring over 900,000 square feet of Grade A lettable office space and a 150,000-square-foot retail centre with shopping, dining, fitness, and private club facilities, the development offers high-quality spaces to live and work. Its defining characteristic is the spectacular summer garden, a public space that is the social heart of the complex and which creates a vibrant, all-day open space to host events. The space is actively used throughout the year and is fast becoming a recognised events venue in Dubai. The project also features accessible terraced spaces that extend the DIFC's urban character and establish a pedestrian link to the Gate Avenue. The development's unique form is derived from its structural and environmental conditions, and it is designed to prioritise public spaces. The project was completed in 2020 and has achieved a LEED Platinum rating. It has also received Healthy Spaces Project of the year 2021, Well Health Safety Rated in 2021, and Best International Office Architecture in 2023.

The building provides a serene yet welcome warmth which extends from the summer garden entrance and all the way up to the office. Such a feeling can only be achieved through harmony with biophilia and natural light. – UBS


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 Foster + Partners
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