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Huaqiang Fantawild Headquarters, a “wonderland and cave” concept

Tanghua Architects

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Based on the site condition and design brief, and the consideration towards the surroundings and programmatic flexibility, the design team proposed a “wonderland and cave” concept that is apt to Fantawild company whose business is focused on theme parks and cartoons. Through an externalized detached core and structural walls, we are creating a flexible central space without columns, with double-height space connecting neighbouring floor, allowing a place for unexpected encounters for innovation and creativity. The structural walls extend northbound toward the detached core, creating a cave-like effect that attempts to respond to what C. Norberg-Schulz refers to as genius loci. The power and emotion presented by concrete echo the company culture and the business focus of Huaqiang Fantawild.

The project is located in the central area of Houhai, Shenzhen, a hub of the leading enterprises in China. Adjacent to Houhaibin Road on the west, a main arterial route of Shenzhen, the project enjoys a good view of Shenzhen Bay on the east. According to the planning requirement of the site, the east side of the plot shall be set back for 20.5 meters to serve as an urban green space. The vehicle entrance and exit are arranged on the north side, and the pedestrian accesses are set on the east, south, and west sides. The east entrance adjacent to the urban green space acts as the main entrance of the building. The access connected to the 24-hour urban corridor is set up in the basement which is integrated with the central area of Houhai to become a part of the urban public corridor system.

The project has been accredited with the two-star green building label. The green design adopts the water infiltration strategy of the sponge city, appropriate envelope design, thermal insulation, VRV (variable refrigerant volume) air-conditioning system, and shading system afforded by the overhanging eaves design to optimize the environmental sustainability performance of the building. The bicycle parking lot and over 10% of the automobile parking spots installed with charging piles promote energy-saving commuting.

The cave-like winding concrete wall presents power, vigor and emotion to echo the industrial identity and entrepreneurial spirit of Huaqiang Fantawild. The perfect combination of structure and function results in a distinctive office building. The detached structural core tube and the arrangement of the structural walls make a flexible space, where a partial two-story shared space is set up in the middle of the plan. The outer 10-meter-deep space accommodates a more regular office layout, while the atrium becomes a paradise for creativity and unexpected encounters. The 8.7-meter-height atria can accommodate diverse functional needs, as a vehicle of sharing and communication. For the building envelope, the combination of a window wall system and the prefabricated modular system makes a pure and homogeneous facade while considering energy and cost saving, and environmental sustainability. The window wall system and prefabrication technique are applied to the south, east, and west facades, integrating lighting and ventilation functions, completing a holistic system for sustainability design. The unique louver facade on the north is adaptive to a variety of openings from the building core to achieve a uniform architectural expression.



 FANTAWILD Holding Inc
 56211 mq
 Tang Hua
 Yu Wenbo, Wang Tianhao, Huang Zhenji, Chen Xu, Peng Jian, Liu Huawei, Yi Xihao, Wang Kun, Luo Jingjing, CaiWanqi, Yang Yinfang
 China Construction First Building(Group) Corporation Limited
 Electromechanical consultant: YMME CONSULTANT LTD; Structural consultant: Zhubo Design Co., Ltd
 Tanghua Architects


Founded in 2002 by Tang Hua, scholar and professor of Chongqing University, Tanghua Architects is an award-winning architectural design practice based in Shenzhen. Tanghua Architects provides Architectural Design, Architectural Engineering Design, Design Consulting Services, and consistently participates in Urban Planning, Urban Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture related researches. In 2012, Tanghua Architects was awarded as one of the 100 architecture design institutes in China by the Architectural Society of China.
Tanghua Architects believes in the efficient use of resources and respects the rights and dignity of every individual. Under an appropriate and rigorous framework, a kind of regional modern architecture with a unique style is created in accordance with professionalism.


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