Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos - Corporativo Anteus II: open work spaces, disposed around a central patio
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Corporativo Anteus II: open work spaces, disposed around a central patio

Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos

Office&Business  /  Completed
Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos

Located in the surroundings of Zapopan, this project consists of the office building for Anteus Constructora, and is integrated into the master plan of its manufacturing plant. The work is carried out in an area of 2,570 m2 including parking and circulation areas, within a 6.6-hectare property. In order to create a corporate space that represents the company, both in its quality and construction processes; the construction systems and materials that the construction company develops were used, which include: post-tensioned slabs, pre-stressed slabs, self-compacting concrete, tilt-up walls and pre-cast trusses on site; complemented with an adequate handling of exposed concrete finishes

Located in the outskirts of the city of Zapopan, in Mexico, new offices for the company Corporativo Anteus Constructora with its materials that the construction company develops.

Regarding the place where the work is located, it contains bioclimatic characteristics such as cross-ventilation or rain catchment, along with the use of materials built in-situ to reduce carbon emissions and meet energy demands.

The design of the building consists of 2 levels, with an interior patio and double heights, interspersed with the exterior walls and the stairs surrounded by a concrete lattice, offering openings to an illuminated interior space and open work areas.

Some of the materials used by this company to build the project were some such as post-tensioned slabs, prestressed slabs, self-compacting concrete, tilt-up walls, or precast lattices, among many others, along with natural wood, steel, and glass carpentry. All of them were designed to create a contrast of hues.

Remodeled due to the pandemic, the core of the project is defined by an interior patio that houses a tree, allowing the entry of natural lighting and cross ventilation that after the situation has become essential in an environment where air conditioning in closed spaces does not solve the current problem.

On one side of this element, there are the stairs that are wrapped by a concrete lattice. Considering the typology of the project, we opted for the design of open work spaces, configured around a central patio, which are delimited by the furniture itself and the change in materials. This characteristic promotes a horizontal organization and allows the interaction of collaborators. In addition to the use of concrete, the project integrates carpentry in different spaces, which were designed to create a contrast of tones, as well as a play of light and shadow. In this way, a sober and contemporary environment is created through the use of raw and natural materials, such as concrete, wood, steel and glass.

Outside, circulation and parking were made with filtering systems and materials such as gravel and permeable concrete; communicating with the building through concrete stairs, similar to those improvised on site with reused plywood.



 2570 mq
  53,254.34.00 €
 Ricardo Yslas Gamez
 Rodrigo Espínola Fernández, Marcos Morales Facundo, Alejandro Beyer Contreras.


Ricardo Yslas Gámez Arquitectos is a multidisciplinary architecture and construction office founded in 2002 by Ricardo Yslas, based in Mexico City. The approach to each project is developed through controlled processes in all its stages, both conceptual and constructive.

His work is defined by the use of natural and industrial materials such as concrete, steel, stone and wood; combined with the design of structures and carpentry manufactured by the studio. As a result of his methodology, his projects integrate different elements and influences of the place where they are located; In this way, they generate proposals consistent with their context, their program and the needs of their inhabitants.

The firm has been recognized with national and international awards including: International Architecture Awards 2017 by The Chicago Athenauem, III Mexico City Architecture Biennial, Dezeen Awards 2019 and XVI Buenos Aires International Architecture Biennial.



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