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111 Praditmanutham: merging flexibility, sustainability and feasibility

Stu/D/O Architects

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Stu/D/O Architects

With the increasing popularity in ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘flexible workspace’ concepts following the pandemic, Stu/D/O strongly believes that the future workplace should incorporate elements of inspiration, collaboration, wellness, and community into its design. With careful consideration of building regulations and zoning restrictions, the parallelogram fin, one cantilevered and the other opposing, imbues the structure with multidimensional essence. Each mass is thoughtfully designed; the cantilevered element offers shade to the plaza below, while the opposing counterpart presents a captivating display of verdant balconies, elevating the atmospheric quality of the area.

Surrounded by 9 of the densest residential districts in Bangkok, 111 aims to create a creative community for startups and young entrepreneurs in providing office spaces with operation flexibility and sustainability in regard to building facilities and office environment. In a dense urban context where green area and spaces for leisure are scarce, 111 seeks to bring nature into the office life by landscape within the tiered balconies that feature layers of green on the sheared triangular mass, pockets of green spaces within the semi-outdoor terraces and the outdoor public plaza that also acts as the central atrium and lobby.

The project has taken sustainablitiy and eco-compatibility very seriously from the building programs with intergrating concepts of inspiration, collaboration, and wellness in mind, passive design sustainable layout which allows the natural ventilations to cross through every space, to the massing of the 2 main buildings, where one cantilevers out to provides shade to the public plaza, and another steps back to provide green space on every floor.

The project explored the connection between workplace efficiency and architectural inspiration, as well as the influence of the surrounding community. By dividing the space with a unique, angular design which addresses a sense of openness and separation, creating a striking visual effect, and anointing the atmosphere in the courtyard. Tiered balconies adorned with greenery ambiance the space in between. Every floor boasts a thoughtfully crafted open layout, ensuring adaptability and enhancing the overall magnificence of the area. Furthermore, the incorporation of tranquil leisure zones like inner courtyards, skylights, verdant pockets, and partially covered decks blend with architecture, allowing an abundant influx of natural light and fresh air to grace the communal spaces.

Flexibility, sustainability and feasibility are the three main concerns of the project. User experience and optimizing working conditions became the driving force behind not only the overall design and massing of the project, but also in the integration of aspects including interior and lighting, resulting in a coherent space that engenders wellness, collaboration and community within the work environment.


 KE Group
 Office Building
 20000 mq
 Stu/D/O Architects
 Apichart Srirojanapinyo, Chanasit Cholasuek, Thanut Sakdanaraseth, Suwapat Rodprasert
 DOF Sky|Ground


Stu/D/O Architects is a Bangkok-based architectural design studio whose practice traverses the fields of architecture, urbanism and sustainable design. Grounded in the belief that architecture should consider all layers of physical and cultural distinctness in each site, the office does not adopt a fixed design process, but instead focus on a strong studio culture that pool together fresh ideas to result in new design approaches and possibilities of creating space. Founded under the desire to create architecture that sustains itself and the community along with it, Stu/D/O’s work reflects the importance of the human experience within the creation, and complexities of constructed environments.

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