Architetto Danilo Di di Lorenzo Di Michele - Pix_Hill, a new vision of urban space and private spaces in a single structure
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Pix_Hill, a new vision of urban space and private spaces in a single structure

Architetto Danilo Di di Lorenzo Di Michele

Mixed Use  /  Future
Architetto Danilo Di di Lorenzo Di Michele

The design idea was born from a reflection on the possibility of connecting the reality of housing with public space, freeing up the ground floor and developing the theme of sustainability linked to private green areas. The idea is to create a surface, place luxury living modules on this surface and stretch this surface upwards, creating a covered and usable area for all users. The project is an evolution of the housing concept conceived by Le Corbusier. On the ground floor there is an open covered square and a commercial space. An artificial hill is created by the laminated wood structure on which the prefabricated housing modules with a usable garden roof are fitted.

The project presents a square-meshed planimetric structure, while in elevation it proposes a curvilinear heterogeneity that adapts it to different urban environments and different contexts. The structure is suitable both for a rural environment given the main materials wood and vegetation on the roof, and for an urban environment where the reading of the squared modules in elevation come into consonance with the neighboring buildings on both the micro and macro scale.

The concept of sustainability was developed using basic materials such as laminated wood,
mineral fibers for the closing panels of the prefabricated modules and generic green roofing
of different vegetation varieties. The garden roof, which formally recreates an artificial hill,
keeps the underlying volumes cool, helping to minimize artificial heating of the rooms.
A system of canals and tanks on the terraces of the suites allow the recovery of rainwater
to be reused for various purposes.

Project is based on the idea of ​​connection between public space and private space at different levels. Ground level has been freed from private space and houses a public square and a commercial boulevard. The residences have been elevated to the upper floors and form a sort of green hill on different elevations. These residential suites are composed of a duplex modular box, parametrically repeated on a fictitious surface raised off the ground, connected to the land by stairs and lifts. Each suite has an external terrace and a panoramic area, equipped with plants and specific herbs that guarantee cooling of the external environment of the suites. Structural system consists of a curvilinear waffle structure, in laminated wood, which in plan, generates a square grid and modular boxes are installed inside each square space. The concept is an evolution of the Le Corbusier Unité d'Habitation system; in the residences SPACE, AIR, MATERIALS and GREENERY elements qualify the sustainability of the structure. The strengths of the project are: - the new vision of the concept of luxury housing; - the adaptability of the form to any context; - the use of sustainable natural materials; - the futuristic vision of combining public space with residential space in the same structure;

A new vision of urban space and private spaces in a single structure.


 residential + commercial
 32000 mq
 Arch. Danilo Di Lorenzo Di Michele
 Arch. Danilo Di Lorenzo Di Michele


The studio deals with urban planning, architecture and design. The research has led the studio to make the various existing art forms work together, linked to the current needs of the environment and the territory in general, so that any project, from the micro-scale to the macro-scale, is the result of reasoning and skills multidisciplinary. The studio has created various commercial and service public interventions, private buildings, company headquarters, shops and innovative design products. The studio has participated in national and international architecture competitions and awards, with significant results (The plan award 2014-2015-2017 in collaboration), publications in both online and paper journals (i.e. The Plan n° 113/ 2019).

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