line+ studio - Complex of North Niuwang Temple Street Plot: a monument of style, technology, and art in Chengdu
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Complex of North Niuwang Temple Street Plot: a monument of style, technology, and art in Chengdu

line+ studio

Mixed Use  /  Future
line+ studio

The project, which is 16,533 square meters in size and is situated in the heart of Chengdu, southwest China, is flanked by modern residences and ancient structures. The design aims to modernize the urban area with suitable architectural scale and density, improve the public functions of the city with mixed uses like offices, businesses, recreation, hospitality, and residences, and revitalize the urban style and industry of the plot. It consists of two high-rise buildings and a number of low-rise commercial blocks.

The new location is connected to historic structures and urban highways through the route setting of the commercial block, allowing residents to have a closer look at history. The block is made up of two-story separate buildings that keep the local typical pitched roof. The building has a green brick facade and a glass curtain wall, and they are connected by hallways. In this way, it develops a porous and open public walkway system on the accessible scale on the basis of the continuance of the conventional street scale texture. The building's layout is laid out in a petal form, offering open interior spaces with superior views of the countryside.

The project is dedicated to the creation of high-quality urban space, from the use of architectural form language and materials to the creation of internal space sequence and outdoor environment and integration to the creation of distinct architectural features, exquisite and perfect architectural works, and a comfortable commercial and office environment. The design inherits the place's historical memory, implements a design strategy based on local characteristics, realizes mixed multi-dwelling and peaceful cohabitation of block life, and realizes the coexistence of traditional and contemporary urban appearance. The city's past, present, and future are all put forth here. Chengdu's bamboo culture inspired the tower's design. The combination of glass curtain walls, light gold aluminum, and other modern materials creates a smart, fashionable high-end commercial structure that emphasizes its distinct urban status and image. Shading, ventilation, and lighting are all incorporated into the building facade for a seamless and clean appearance. A raised level connects the tower's first floor to the block, adding greater public space to the city.

The adequate function mix compensates for the metropolitan area's lack of commercial functions. On the other hand, the plot's buildings are modernised through urban renewal, creating a fresh meeting spot for the public. It will eventually become a monument of style, technology, and art in the heart of Chengdu.


 101480 mq
 line+ studio
 Meng Fanhao (Chief Architect / Design Principal)


Founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong, line+ studio is a diversified emerging design firm with international reputation. Currently, it has offices in Hangzhou and Shanghai. "line" is the boundary, based on architectural design, and "+" aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industries, take "space empowerment" as the core strategy of research and creation, and respond to the existing problems of urban and rural areas in the current era, so as to realize the value iteration and release of architecture in social, economic, cultural and other fields.


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