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Hangzhou E-Fashion Town, a Gate of Fashion

Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design

Mixed Use  /  Completed
Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design

The key idea of the project lie in the way to balance the harmony and unity between the complicated functions of the entire campus and its architectural form, whilst addressing the problem of urban industry-cityscape integration. The project is mainly divided into east and west sections. The east section is next to Linping’s main road, Yingbin Road, setting it a critical urban interface and also a major place for commercial and office spaces to gather. The west section, on the other hand, enjoys Linping’s important ecological scenery "Shuiting East Lake ", celebrating a gorgeous environment of pleasure which inspires the architect to lay out the residential towers in this area, aiming to create a living environment with sustainable ecology and strong artistic atmospheres.

Hangzhou E-Fashion Town is located in the core area of Linping Sub-CBD in Yuhang District, Hangzhou, adjacent to the Linping High-speed Railway Station, 20 kilometers away from Hangzhou city center and 22 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, with well-developed intracity and intercity transportation, it is the gateway connecting Hangzhou and Shanghai, which is meanwhile a digital fashion highland where cultural creativity gets promoted, science and technology innovation calls to gather, and sustainable development finds its way for the future.

The project wins The 20th Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award-Second Prize. The project aim to maximize the north-facing orientation of the building layout, while the six commercial blocks are situated within the courtyard space, utilizing overhead structures, connecting corridors, setbacks, and terraces to facilitate natural lighting and ventilation. The commercial and office buildings are designed with an east-west orientation, with minimized glass areas. South-facing setbacks are created to form rooftop gardens, fostering an eco-friendly working and business environment.

The east section, which is dominated by key commercial areas, adopts flexible segments to form six courtyards, which also make enclosure with each other to shape orderly sized squares that nested in layers, offering varied views as visitors meander through. Each courtyard has its own theme: while in combination with the local traditional culture, they also reflect the flexibility of fashion industry. The individual commercial building blocks that make up the courtyards are all dedicatedly designed, all with bold and avant-garde skins and rich interior spatial experiences, and the architect carefully takes the fashion industry processes into account to arrange corresponding functions to meet the needs of all kinds of enterprises. And the urban roads and pedestrian axis are reserved for the potential to develop further commercial supporting operations, to stimulate the commercial block to its greatest vitality. The west section of the project is mainly composed of 7 residential buildings and 2 structures for supporting facilities. The residential towers are mapped along the lake, its ecological facade design echoing the landscape of East Lake, creating a high-quality community space that is ecologically healthy, in harmony with nature, and responds to its local cultural life and commercial activities.

Featuring a flexible elevation with interlocking patterns of high and low, the east side of the project faces the city with a smooth urban skyline, which makes the "Gate of Fashion" of the Yangtze River Delta. The overall architectural style is accentuated with modern elements, along with design approaches including solid-void contrast of the facade and rich detailing to create a sense of rhythm across the complex, embellishing the entire campus with both fashion odors and orderliness.


 Hangzhou E-Fashion Construction and Development Co.,Ltd.
 Mixed use, mainly focused on commercial and offices and residential
 351600 mq
 Chu Yijun、Xu Jianxin、Zhu Mengying、Wei Minfeng、 Wu Chunying、 Liu Rufeng、 Luo Lilian 、Feng Detai、Zhong Wenzhong、 Hu Haiping、 Lin Yongxing、 Wang Yesi、 He Yiyun、 Wu Jun、 Liu Yicong
 Shenzhen AUBE Architectural Engineering Design Co.,Ltd


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