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A unique building, whose activities are also designed for users who appreciate unconventional spaces: QO


Mixed Use  /  Completed

Reading the site itself and its immediate urban conditions was the starting point of the project. It came naturally to observe the city context, the surrounding buildings, the architectural typologies of the area, in order to develop a project that responds concisely to its existing constraints.
Strongly linked to the characteristics of a deep and narrow site, the result on a volumetric level was a slender and elongated design. A greater scope for variation was provided at the level of the facades, which are also linked to the context and respond to the full and empty volumes of the adjacent buildings. By varying levels and planes, terraces were created, producing a dynamic façade.

The environment was the most important issue to analyze for the project. Most of the decisions were made with the context in mind, so it is a project that is informed by the environment and in turn delivers qualities to the exterior.
In terms of volume, the environment defines the strategies of access, terracing, full and empty areas. And programmatically, its context defines the project's final uses, so that it fits well into this urban area. The building integrates itself into its surroundings in an interesting way, challenging the urban layout of Mexico City.

QO is a mixed-use building that crosses a block of Mexico City from one side to the other. The project is configured as a concise response to its urban circumstances. Its slender, elongated design and facade solution are a response to each adjacent building and void.
While inhabiting the building, the formal language of extended planes and volumes is repeated at different scales and experiences. Various displacements at each level result in terraces and a different incidence of sunlight into each of the interior areas. Light is projected into the living spaces through tall and wide glazed modules that provide unobstructed views of the Chapultepec Forest and the City.
In its 9 levels, organized in a longitudinal direction and only 10 meters in width, QO contains commercial space, residential lofts, suites and offices. Inside, the structural elements remain as they are, and the aggregates, coatings and finishes are kept to a minimum.
The building appears slender to passersby while revealing a blind materiality from the side facades. Here we experimented with poured-in-place apparent concrete in different shades, textures and formats.
The configuration of its layout presented a design challenge in solving circulation, access and flow. When viewed from above, the building is integrated with the roofs, staircases, and facades of the neighborhood. It contributes to Mexico City's diverse urban atmosphere and becomes a part of it.

It is in the specificity of its site that QO has its greatest potential. It has been a rewarding and refreshing opportunity to carry out a project which volumetric result stands out in the area because it seems to belong to another city, with a different urban trace structure. In the end, it is presented as a unique building, whose activities are also designed for users who appreciate unconventional spaces.


 Mexico City
 8731 mq
 Montes de Oca, Ingenieros consultores
 Montes de Oca Ingenieros consultores, INRASA SA de CV
 Andrés Cedillo


Archetonic is a Mexico City based firm with over 30 years of experience in architecture. Our practice is the lens through which we view the world and relate with society.

Exploring multiple levels of design, we apply a systemic methodology to create self-sustaining, context-sensitive spaces that embody spatial quality and economic responsibility.

We constantly strive to go beyond the conventional. Our design process reflects on how spaces are built and inhabited in our country.

Experimenting with the limits of design has led us to unique possibilities in space. All our projects have a fundamental commitment to improve the environment. We pay attention to design methodology, materials and local processes.

Today, our greatest challenge is to strengthen the relationship with the people actively and passively involved in our projects. In doing so, we'll be able to offer more meaningful design solutions for our cities and communities.

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