Siyuan Tao - Changsha Poly City Gather: a forest Park in the Urban Jungle
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Changsha Poly City Gather: a forest Park in the Urban Jungle

Siyuan Tao

Landscape  /  Completed
Siyuan Tao

As the first high-end masterpiece of Poly's "City Series" located in Changsha, City Gather is situated in the Xiangjiang New District, a strategic planning area along the Belt and Road Initiative, and adjacent to the over 1,186-acre Yanghu National Wetland Park.

Embracing the harmony of natural ecology and urban life, the designers take "Urban Forestry" as the theme. Drawing on the spiritual imagery of deer in the forest, modern art and landscape language echo each other to build a unique humanistic care. The superposition of a park-like forest community and sports park makes the urban lifestyle burst out with beautiful experiences and poetic emotions at all times when meeting with pure nature.

Vegetation, light and shadow, deer and winding paths are interwoven into a vivid painting. In the integrated layout of the garden and the street, the designers simulate the natural form of the wetland ecology and outline the vitality of all things. The deer sculpture, as the focal point of the scene, is a source of vitality and fun. Walking through the forest, the grass, the babbling streams and the gushing waterfalls give people a rich sensory enjoyment. Here, the deer bending over the rocks echoes the scenery with an artistic expression. The leisure space, where you can listen to the sound of flowing water near and look at the green forest far away, not only responds to the urban people's inner thirst for nature, but also strengthens the activity experience of the community park.

Along the winding paths, the lively circular landscape installations contrast strongly with the surrounding scenes. Walking to the garden, the steel cutting installation is full of contemporary art sense accompanied by the water realm. Under the reflection of the pond, the landscape with the hazy atmosphere exudes poetic feelings and elegant interest. And the sculpture of mushroom clouds injects playful viewing experiences into the field.

The planning and design of children's playground is closely related to natural ecology, urban civilization, and children's behavior patterns. Parent-child interaction, fun play and daily social contact are integrated, and facilities such as the "deer house" slide, the colorful runway, the seesaw and fitness equipment all become artistic media linking nature, the community and the outside.

Thus, the casual game scene of "deer whispering by the lake and children's fun in the forest" is integrated into every daily life, accompanying children's happy and healthy growth.

In Changsha City Gather, with the innovation of a green ecological system and artistic human living environment, the designers bring the forest to the life, creating an urban park where art and nature coexist. To meet the diverse needs of urbanization, it not only creates a natural landscape in harmony with urban life, but also a vibrant public activity gathering place, organically linking the interaction between the city, community and people, activating more possibilities for new lifestyles.


 Hunan Poly Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
 10000 mq
 Siyuan Tao
 Dean Design
 Chill Shine 


Ms. Siyuan Tao is an art major and the Champion of Miss Universe China . She has been working in the field of art and design for more than ten years and firmly believes that contemporary art has incomparable relevance to life. She specializes in sustainable innovation from landscape living, scene quality, furniture sculpting, and environment, building a customized development system with design as the driver, art as the carrier, and IP as the vitality of the whole industry chain, realizing efficient synergy of environment, space, product and engineering, and returning to the sublimation of the city life and ecology itself. Its works not only enhance the aesthetics and lifestyle of a generation, but also create added value for society, and even become a contemporary carrier of urban spiritual civilization.


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