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An urban void, intended as a public garden: Giardino/Dog Park "OssO"


Landscape  /  Completed

The project originates in a central area, an 'urban void', intended as a public garden but never made available to the Municipality of Bisceglie. The project reclaims the area by including it in an urban regeneration programme promoted by a private individual. The project builds a new pedestrian route that crosses the public area and reconnects the residential green spaces.
An organically shaped avenue crosses the entire area, building spaces with different destinations: Mediterranean greenery, children's play area, dog-park, micro-events area. Different destinations, all on a small scale, to give different uses to the public space and to the private space intended for commerce.
A garden that in a short time the neighbourhood population has learnt to live in.

The project is located in Apulia, in Bisceglie, 30 km from Bari. A project that integrates private residential areas with public garden areas, combining highly sustainable buildings with a low environmental impact as they are built with hemp and lime ("Case di Luce" and "Case nel Verde") with a system of public and private green areas. The project builds a new centrality in the neighbourhood. The new pedestrian axis makes it possible to stitch together a wider urban fabric than the one affected by the project . The green area, together with the urban regeneration programme, makes it possible to redevelop the entire neighbourhood, which finds in the project a new place of aggregation.

The project falls in an area of hydraulic risk so the entire project area must be permeable to water. All the paving is drained and the topsoil has been covered with gravel to prevent drought from hardening the cortical layer and making it impermeable. This technique also reduces soil evaporation, preserving moisture for the benefit of the plants. The containment of height differences is solved with naturalistic engineering techniques that avoided the use of reinforced concrete. The buildings constructed in the same regeneration programme are also sustainable as they are built with hemp masonry.

The project is the result of a private entrepreneurial initiative that decides to include in the urban regeneration project an area, privately owned, that has been abandoned and used as a public garden. This idea does not bring any advantage to the entrepreneur, but it does bring advantage to the community, which now has at its disposal a new, usable, sustainable, nature- and animal-friendly neighbourhood facility. The use of Mediterranean scrub vegetation not only mitigates water use, but has also repopulated the city centre with bees and butterflies. The Mediterranean scrub used in the garden makes it possible to absorb 1 tonne of CO2 in one year.
The absence of cement, other than that used for the drainage paving of the avenue, the use of natural, local materials and the use of careful techniques to control evaporation allow the "heat island" effect to be mitigated.

The private entrepreneur undertook the acquisition of the area and the realisation of the work without receiving any volumetric incentive in return, only because he was aware that the building intervention realised, attentive to nature with the use of hemp materials, could not neglect the urban area. Today, the community is grateful to the entrepreneur for an urban fabric that has been completely redeveloped in terms of both architecture and public and private green spaces.


 Pedone Working s.r.l.
 Public garden with dog-park area and private green area for collective use.
 1970 mq
  300,000.00 €
 Ing. Pietro Pedone, Arch. Pantaleo Pedone, Arch. Massimo Pedone, Arch. Eleonora Pedone
 Pietro Pedone, Pantaleo Pedone, Massimo Pedone, Eleonora Pedone, Rosaria Minervini, Francesco Tiritiello, Francesco Ricchiuti, Marianna Cosmai, Antonia Capurso
 Pedone Working s.r.l.
 Sergio Camplone, PS_Architteture


PS_Architetture is a team of architects and engineers specialising in the conception, design and engineering of nZEB energy-efficient and very low environmental impact natural homes with high interior comfort.
PS_Architetture bases its design research on the environment, natural materials and Mediterranean architecture. Its activity, pure innovation and experimentation applied to eco-sustainable architecture, has been validated by national and international awards, including “Sustainable Development Award - ECOMONDO 2018”; “Green Building Solution 2016”; “CasaClima Awards 2013 and 2016”; “Sustainable Energy in Cities 2012- URBANPROMO”.
PS_Architetture: ing. Piero Pedone, arch. Leo Pedone, arch. Massimo Pedone, arch. Eleonora Pedone
Contributors: Francesco Tiritiello, Francesco Ricchiuti, Marianna Cosmai, Rosaria Minervini , Antonia Capurso


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